5 valid reasons, serious and fun, to choose the Beach Rugby and the EBRA Series

1 – Once the regular season is over, choosing the Beach Rugby, you can continue to keep yourself in training but in a completely different context. Sun and sea will be the masters.

2 – With the EBRA Series you can travel around Europe and learn about some of the most beautiful and engaging beaches in the world.

3 – Where there are beaches, inevitably there are a lot of beautiful girls and this is an aspect that should not be underestimated if you decide to undertake this tough oval summer experience.

4 – Do we want to talk about holidays? Here, better not. Better to experience them firsthand. Then you will have to tell stories for a very long time.

5 – Each year of the EBRA Series leaves behind a series of incredible sporting emotions, victories, defeats, friendships, laughter, in fact participating is a good way to create oval stories at 360 °.

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