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EBRA Series 2020, here are the qualified teams. Official dates for all series tournaments

Lionel Laugier, the current president of EBRA, has formalized the dates for the SERIES 2020, the headquarters and the qualified teams for the European final of 2020: the final will be played in Lignano Sabbiadoro (Italy). Just Italy managed to qualify as many as six teams for this final, 4 for men and two for women: on one side there will be the Italian champions of Belli Dentro, while through the 2019 rankings the Padova Beach qualified, the Crazy Crabs and the Iulii Forum. For the women’s movement, instead, there will be the Italian champions of the Sabbiette and the Ricce del Villorba. France, on the other hand, will be represented by four teams: for the men’s tournament there will be the European champions in charge of Ovale Beach Marseille and the vice champions of I Minots, while for the girls the title will be played Marseille and Blagnac Maouka . Portugal will be represented in the men’s field by the CDUL and the RC Sao Miguel, while in the women’s category there will be the Pinguinas Burgos, the girls from the Agraria and the Sport Rugby. Let’s not forget the South Africans of the Wild Dogs, the Spaniards of the Barbarians and the Dutch of the Oemoemenoe. Great expectations, then, for women for the Austrian Danube Pirates, for the Spanish Costa Blanca Alicante and for the Dutch Haagsche R.C.

Great news also for the EBRA calendar, which will give space to two new stages: the Hungarian event on Lake Balaton and the Italian event in Alba Adriatica (Teramo) will be added to the EBRA Series 2020 circuit.

<< I think that the 2020 event will be a very high level tournament – commented Lionel Laugier, EBRA president – I expect great things from all the teams and the series that await us will be increasingly global and structured >>.

<< For my part there is great pride in having brought the continental final back to Lignano Sabbiadoro – commented Giancarlo Stocco, organizer of the event in Lignano – we are already working to guarantee a two days of great beach rugby >>.

Below is the calendar and the teams admitted to E.B.R.A. Master Finale Series 2020;

Balaton Lake           Hungary       13 – 14 june (patronize)

North Sea                 Holland         20 – 21 june – Series

Porto                         Portugal       27 – 28 june- Series

Alba Adriatica         Italy                04 – 05  july- Series

Barcelona                Spain             11 – 12 july- Series

Marseille                   France          18 – 19 july- Series

Lignano Sabbiadoro        Italy    25 – 26 july – Master Final


E.B.R.A. Master Finale Series 2020 – MALE TORUNAMENT

WINNER Champion Master Final 2019                 Ovale Beach (F)
WINNER North Sea Beach Rugby                           2°Les Minots (F)
WINNER Porto Beach Rugby Cup                           CDUL (P)
WINNER South Beach Rugby Marseille                 4° SA Wild Dogs (SAF)
WINNER Lignano Super Beach 5S                          2° Padova Beach (I)
WINNER ITALIAN CHAMPIONSHIP                         Belli Dentro (I)
WINNER SPAIN CHAMPIONSHIP                            H2 Barbarians (E)
WINNER DUTCH CHAMPIONSHIP.                         Oemoemenoe (NL)
WILD CARD 1 EBRA SERIES                                     6° Curaçao (CUR)
WILD CARD 2 EBRA SERIES                                     9°Forum Iulii (I)
WILD CARD 3 EBRA SERIES                                     10°Crazy Crabs (I)

E.B.R.A. Master Finale Series 2020 – FEMALE TORUNAMENT

WINNER Champion Master Final 2019                  Sport Rugby (P)
WINNER North Sea Beach Rugby                           3° Ovale Beach (F)
WINNER Porto Beach Rugby Cup                           Pinguinas Burgos (P)
WINNER South Beach Rugby Marseille                 Blagnac Maouka (F)
WINNER Lignano Super Beach 5S                          Ricce Villorba (I)
WINNER ITALIAN CHAMPIONSHIP                         Sabbie Mobili (I)
WINNER SPAIN CHAMPIONSHIP                            Costa Blanca Alicante (E)
WINNER DUTCH CHAMPIONSHIP.                         Haagsche R.C.(NL)
WILD CARD 1 EBRA SERIES                                      8° Danube Pirates (A)

EBRA: European beach rugby representatives meeting in Udine

The European Beach Rugby, marked EBRA (European Beach Rugby Association), meets in Udine to talk about the future of this engaging oval variant. On Saturday, in fact, there will be a continental meeting where all the EBRA Series organizers will meet at the headquarters of the BancaTer Factory, in Piazzale XXVI July in Udine: representatives from Marseille (France), Porto (Portugal), will be present from the Hague (Holland), from Figueira da Foz (Portugal), from Barcelona (Spain) and from Lignano Sabbiadoro << We are organizers of an important occasion – comments Lionel Laugier, president of EBRA – we have the opportunity to confront and talk about how to improve and make these EBRA Series, which are becoming a regular feature of the continental summer scene, more and more engaging. What do I expect? Surely we will take stock of what we did during the past summer, then we will discuss how to structure the future and decide on the location of the next final >>.

Association Ovale Beach Rugby Five Marseille and Sport Porto Rugby are the new European Beach Rugby Association – EBRA Champions

Association Ovale Beach Rugby Five Marseille, in the male tournament and Sport Rugby Porto, in the female are the new European Beach Rugby Association – EBRA Champions. After a tournament played at very high levels in Figueira, Portugal, these are the two teams that managed to win the coveted title of the EBRA Series. In the men’s tournament the fight was fierce, there were, in fact, the Italians of Crazy Crabs who, at the first experience in the European tournament, surrendered only to the Minots in the semifinals; just the French team was the outgoing team defeated by the final, even if one fly proved to be one of the most technical formations and sporting talent. The test of the Portuguese CDUL team was also very positive. The women’s tournament, on the other hand, was won after a beautiful final by the Porto team which, after a very tight race, managed to establish itself against the women’s line-up of Ovale Beach Marseille. In the U16, on the other hand, it is the Dutch Barbarians who win the EBRA Series category. << I am very satisfied and happy about how this Portuguese final went – comments Rui Loureiro, organizer of the event – it was the anniversary of our 10 years and I think everything went great. In addition, I saw teams play at incredible levels and this makes me understand that this rugby movement is constantly and constantly evolving. A positive sign looking to the future. Now the head of us organizers must necessarily already go to the 2020 edition of these EBRA Series >>.