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What is beachfives ?
The Fastest Game of Rugby on the Planet

The Fastest Game of Rugby on the Planet (by


BEACH FIVES is a Contact Sport, using a straight-forward and simple format. It is well regulated, with its own specific set of Rules, drawn up to create a fast and exciting display of Beach Rugby. And with such excitement, BEACH FIVES continuously wins new spectators anxious to see, in person, this much praised format. Of all its rules, there is one of such fundamental importance, that it can never be over-stated. And so whether you are a player who has never played before or a spectator who has never seen the game, you are encouraged to remember the rule that:

When the ball carrier goes into contact with an opponent or is tackled by an opponent, the ball carrier must pass or release the ball within 2 SECONDS

It is this single rule that represents the most significant difference between BEACH FIVES and the traditional game of Rugby. In BEACH FIVES, the “2 Second Rule” is crucial as it:

  • Simplifies the game, making it quickly understood by the first time player or spectator.
  • Maintains the fluidity of the game, thereby heightening the level of player skill, delivering more excitement for the public.
  • Maintains the high speed of the game, making it highly Television  friendly.
  • Helps to increase player safety by greatly reducing the potential level of injury when players come close to or into contact.
  • Knowing the “2 Second Rule” encourages a more skillful quick passing game.

Beach Fives became a Rugby Union game in 2010. See “Modified forms” from


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