The EBRA summarizing commission, together with the board members, analyzed the reports, drawn up tournament by tournament, by the Disciplinary Council and became aware of the fact that each event was optimally managed, greatly limiting the infringements, both during the game, how much at the organizational level.
The only aspect that has caused many problems to the disicplinare and, consequently, to the members of the EBRA assembly, has been that one related to the behaviors had from some members of the French team of the MINOTS.

After repeated negative behaviors in various stages of the European circuit, after the serious conduct held during the final of the European Championship Series, with serious and unacceptable offenses to the referees and EBRA leaders, the Disciplinary Committee submitted to the General Assembly the need to sanction the Minots coach and player. The Assembly, after a deep analysis of the situation and in view of the protection of the referees of the European circuit, unanimously took the final decision:

The assembly, held in UDINE on 21 September 2019, unanimously decided to suspend Minots’ coach Christian Quintane and player Romain Quintane from the EBRA Series 2020.