EBRA President Lionel Laugier presents the 2019 European Championship

New methods to access the Master Final, to ensure show and quality.

European Beach Rugby Association in the sign of total renewal. After the news of the new positions and investiture in the management, a strong signal is given for the establishment of the 2019 European championship.

“Too many complaints, polemics and unnecessary accusations have come in recent times” – comments Lionel Laugier President E.B.R.A. – “But we wanted to shake off all the useless frauds and controversies, going to seek maximum satisfaction for the European clubs and improve the championship and access to the Final Master. This last point has been discussed very carefully and we are convinced that currently, it is the best sustainable offer “.

Various factors have been taken into account, including the planning of the teams to register for the events, the costs and certainty of access also to the Final Master but remaining in the seasonal spending budgets.

And so we have come up with the idea of giving the teams a year to prepare to participate not only in the European championship, but also in the Master Final for those entitled to it.

The  2019 EBRA Master Final Cup will be played in Figueira da Foz, Portugal, on 21st and 22nd July.

“We chose to anticipate a final weekend, to avoid overlapping the Beach Rugby Tournament for Nations which will be held on July 27 and 28 in Moscow for the third consecutive year”, comments Laugier.

The novelty lies in the new method of access to the Final Master. At Figueira da Foz will enter 12 men’s and 10 women’s teams. Will be the teams that won the 2018 tournaments of British Beach Rugby, North Sea Netherlands, Figueira da Foz, Barcelona, Marseille and Lignano International. The teams that have won more than one tournament, will leave the space to the second classified

There will be also some Wild Cards: the winners of the National Championships of Italy, Portugal and the Netherlands are called and the first 3 teams classified in the E.B.R.A. ranking 2018 who did not get the qualification.

In a few days all these teams will receive the communication from E.B.R.A. to obtain confirmation of participation in the 2019 Final Master.

But the teams that will play in the E.B.R.A. Series 2019, for what will they fight?

“For among others the Master Final 2020, which sees the Hague tournament in Holland in the running” Lionel Laugier replies.

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