“Thanks to the video conferences we are already at the fourth meeting of the year” – comments the President Lionel Laugier – “We are aware of having an important space to work for an improvement of the future of the Series and for new collaborations. ” The media section has been consolidated with the episodes of the BEACH RUGBY HISTORY – WE ARE BEACH RUGBY, with an important follow-up on the thematic channel BeachRugbyChannel.com. After the presentations of the organizations of the European circuit, the continuation with new episodes focused on the historical teams, referees and important characters of the Ebra Series was approved. It is also the year of the renewal of the EBRA Administrative Council and Saturday 3 October will be the date set for the new President’s elections. Nothing comes out of the meeting last Saturday, the only almost certainty is Lionel Laugier’s non-candidacy for a second term. “I do not apply because the Hebra needs a change at the top in search of new visions and management” -comments Lionel Laugier- “The people with quality at the helm of the Hebrew are there and must have the right space to express themselves with the support and experience of the old guard. ” Looking to the future there will be an important renewal in the home of EBRA