Saturday 3 October the members of the E.B.R.A. they will virtually meet by videoconference, for the election of the new Board that will govern the European beach rugby movement for the next four years.

Last days of Lionel Laugier’s French presidency and Kasper Bleijenberg’s Dutch vice presidency.

“The sums of this four-year period that saw the European oval beach movement between positive moments and others of tension will be drawn up” – comments the outgoing President Lionel Laugier – “I am grateful to all the members for supporting me in this important moment of my experience management and evolution for EBRA Along the way we have lost someone on the way and we have met others. It is part of life and the evolution of collaborations and teamwork. ”

Is the reference from the Figueira da Foz organization last year’s release?

“Of course. A difficult, disappointing moment, but which for both is part of the evolution and the subjective needs and visions of beach rugby. But this must be done without rancor or diasporas. ”


Future of a movement blocked last summer due to the COVID-19 emergency and which will have to start again from where it began to plan its evolution.

“An important challenge that sees us all aware of the work to be done and the mentality and organization that we will have to build. Many ideas and projects were discussed in this period of detention ”.


How does E.B.R.A. to these new presidential elections?

“It comes after months of close, constructive meetings, in search of self-criticism and understanding what to learn from the mistakes of the past. Aware that the next Board will have to govern an innovative structure for our reality, but determined to make a difference. The will is to create a watershed between past and future ”.


So shouldn’t a reshuffle of personalities and visions go back to the past? Do you already have the name of the next President?

“The will is that there is a new course. There are ideas, projects and visions. Saturday we will discuss what will be the new path of E.B.R.A. “