1. Mario, Barcelona Beach 5s is a tournament which has joined the EBRA Series in 2014. Since then not just the Tournament has grown as well the Beach 5s in Catalunya. How is the state of Beach 5s in Catalunya and Spain?

In Catalonia last year was organized the First Official Circuit of Beach 5s. It has had very good acceptance, before the end of the year will be held the organizational meeting of the Circuit de Catalunya 2017. As a novelty we will have two new venues that will complete an entire summer of Beach 5s.The participating teams have been very satisfied with this modality. At the level of Spain, we are in talks with two cities to organize a national circuit. There are already three events of these characteristics although they do not reflect in two of the cases the concept EBRA, are two tournaments that prioritize the fiseta more than the rugby. That is why we are in talks with federations to include these events in the official calendar. In the same sense, we have opened talks with the Spanish Rugby Federation, but this issue will be slower.

2. Tell us a bit more about tournament and the 2017 edition. What can we expect from Barcelona Beach 5s?

Well, despite the problem of the date change, we hope to take a step forward in the organizational and quality level of our Tournament:.The city of Barcelona is a good claim, and although the institutions have put us many problems, we have been able to negotiate improvements in the costs of Hotels for the participating teams. We increased the Prize for the winners and we will make a change of location. We are currently shuffling and negotiating two locations. If the one we have proposed as the first possibility will grant us, the Tournament will give a Great Leap of Quality. As for the sport, we expect to reach 24 teams men and 9 women, although we will settle for 20 men and 8 women.

3. What you think will be the future of Beach Rugby 5s?

We are in a crucial moment of EBRA, the incorporation of Holland and possibly in 2018 of England, offers us an interesting showcase for the brands that want to bet on this modality of Rugby.

I hope that EBRA knows how to understand that its future goes through a professionalization of its tournaments and the Circuit. This point is important for brands to look at us and want to invest. The measures taken so far have already put us in the way, now it will depend on that we can handle this among all. The situation you have now in EBRA will make it possible for everything to be faster. Some steps have already been taken in this respect at the last Assembly. Now it is about learning that not always what is good for one is good for EBRA. This year is a decisive year to mark the EBRA growth line. We will also have to take advantage of the fact that in Moscow there will be a European Championship of National Teams. I think we lost the opportunity for EBRA to organize it. Now, however, we must be able to take advantage of this situation. EBRA, must carry out political movements of high level, on which the growth of our project will depend.

But I am convinced that for the Beach 5s movement come very interesting years.