Get To Know …. Figueira Beach Rugby International

1. Hi Rui! Only with 7 years on its belt Figueira Beach Rugby International is already one of the largest Beach Rugby Festival in Europe, with more than 60 teams attending the event. What´s behind this numbers?

R: We started the project in 2010 with the vision of creating one of the world´s best Beach Rugby Tournaments. We really aimed for it. Even though the first two years, weren´t so successful. However we never gave up, because we knew we were doing it right. The mix of competitive beach rugby and social party, alongside a very professional approach, in my opinion are the ingredients for the success.

2. What the expectation for 2018?

R: Well… When things go well, usually people don´t think about changing what is already good. But we really want to surprise everyone who visit us in Figueira.We can not reveal too much but are looking to create an even better atmosphere around the pitches, while improving areas like refereeing and athletes comfort.

3. How do you see the Future of Beach5s?

R: The Future of Beach5s can only be bright! Bech 5s is the best experience a rugby fan can ask for. It´s like condensing the best what Rugby has to offer in 10 minutes of pure action, on the beach, enjoying the sun!! Can´t ask for more….

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