Get to Know …. Lignano Super Beach 5s Rugby

1. Giancarlo, Ligano SUPER BEACH 5s is the most historic tournament on tour. Can you recall the first Lignano Tournament Organization? What can you tell us about thioe days and how different it was?

June 6, 1993 the beach rugby comes to Camping Pino Mare in Lignano Riviera. 20 male and 10 female teams from various parts of Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Ireland. BBQ, beer, music and the beach camp: all this creating the beach rugby community. The event becomes more important every year and from this beach, born the idea of create a national championship. In 1998 the Italian League and Lignano Beach Rugby hosts the national final. In 2001 is bornt the second event, the LIGNANO INTERNATIONAL CUP. Few years later starts the project for the creation of the European Beach Rugby Association and its Series.


Lignano is surely one of the most icnonic Tournaments of the EBRA Series

2. In the last year we saw some changes in the tournament organization with the inclusion of women competiition. How important the growth of women beach rugby can be for the development of the sport?

Is very important. Few people understand how important it is. Many believe it is not spectacular. The women’s rugby is spectacular, it is important for the growth of the movement and it is a great vehicle for marketing.

3. What you think will be the future of Beach Rugby 5s?

We are working to improve it and expand it.

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