1. Lionel, Marseille Beach 5s is a tournament with great history, being for the first time in 2017 the final stage of the EBRA Series. How important is this for the development of the Beach Rugby in Marseille and France?

It is a great honor for us that the Marseille Beach Rugby Five has been chosen to be the Master Finals of the European Beach Rugby Association. I think that thanks to this, we will be able to work with our federation and to attract other French organizers to join the Beach Rugby Five movement with the EBRA. It is a consecration after 18 years of hard work for the Beach Rugby Five Marseille and the construction of the EBRA.

2. Tell us a bit more about tournament and the 2017 edition. What can we expect from Marseille Beach 5s?

What will change on the tournament in Marseille is that we will organize our competition on two days, Saturday and Sunday. We will have two tables a female of 8 teams and a male of 12 teams. We will have a new stadium with more than 1000 seats with a new village always including a players area with individual tents for each team and a new bigger space for our partners. This year we will have a live streaming video with three camera.


pic. Marseille will be the stage for the EBRA 2017 Master FInals

3. What you think will be the future of Beach Rugby 5s?

The members of EBRA have done me the honor of being elected to the presidency of the European organization of Beach Rugby with a new team. We will continue our federative work and development with new steps in Europe and even outside Europe. We will focus on harmonizing the organization members of the circuit of the European Beach Rugby Association.

Two good news came at the end of the year. The first is that the RUGBY EUROPE federation has agreed to organize the first European Beach Rugby Five Nations Championship in Moscow.

The second is that we in France Bernard Laporte godfather of our Beach Rugby Five Marseille 2016 became President of the French Federation of Rugby.