Get To Know …. Figueira Beach Rugby International

1. Hi Rui! Only with 7 years on its belt Figueira Beach Rugby International is already one of the largest Beach Rugby Festival in Europe, with more than 60 teams attending the event. What´s behind this numbers?

R: We started the project in 2010 with the vision of creating one of the world´s best Beach Rugby Tournaments. We really aimed for it. Even though the first two years, weren´t so successful. However we never gave up, because we knew we were doing it right. The mix of competitive beach rugby and social party, alongside a very professional approach, in my opinion are the ingredients for the success.

2. What the expectation for 2018?

R: Well… When things go well, usually people don´t think about changing what is already good. But we really want to surprise everyone who visit us in Figueira.We can not reveal too much but are looking to create an even better atmosphere around the pitches, while improving areas like refereeing and athletes comfort.

3. How do you see the Future of Beach5s?

R: The Future of Beach5s can only be bright! Bech 5s is the best experience a rugby fan can ask for. It´s like condensing the best what Rugby has to offer in 10 minutes of pure action, on the beach, enjoying the sun!! Can´t ask for more….

Get To Know … British Beach Rugby

1. Hi Guys ! 2018 will be the first year of BRR as an official EBRA Series Tournament! What are your expectations?

We hope that becoming an offical EBRA series tournament will help us achieve our mission of establishing a world class sporting event that will drive awareness and participation of Beach Rugby 5s in the UK as well as creating a fun and entertaining experience for spectators.

Specifically, we hope EBRA will help to create more awareness of Beach Rugby 5s in Europe and the UK as well as help us to attract the most talented men’s and women’s teams on the EBRA circuit.

We couldn’t have asked for a more successful pilot event but in 2018 we want to make it bigger & better!

2. Beach 5s seems to be still fairly unknown amongst the UK Rugby scene. Do you think your organization can take the lead of the sport in the region? Is there any sport development program in place?

We our confident BBR will be the flagship Beach Rugby 5s event in the UK and through this event we can lead the development of this new and exciting sport in the UK.

It’s not just about creating an event to host the best men’s and women’s teams in Europe, but it’s also incredibly important to us to develop Beach Rugby 5s talent in the UK. This year for example, we will be holding some Beach Rugby 5s “taster sessions” for both children and adults which we hope will develop into clubs. In the future we’d like to create a local UK federation with our own UK series.

With almost 2 million registered rugby players in the UK we know we can capitalise on this passion for traditional rugby to make Beach 5s the next big sport. This year there has been a multimillion pound investment into womens rugby establishing the 1st professional league which we are confident will have a positive impact on our womens tournament.

Our biggest challenge has been the lack of awareness of the sport but we are already seeing a massive difference since the pilot event. The increase in the number of teams now proactively contacting us to particpate in BBR 2018 has been remarkable.

3. What can the teams expect by participating in British Beach Rugby 2018?

I’d say “Come and experience what it means to play in the home of rugby!”

Building on the success of our pilot event, participating teams can expect a high standard of mens and womens competition including last years mens champions the Pacific Islanders, last years womens champions the Honey Bears as well as the legendary Flair Bears.

We have some fantastic sponsors that will help us create a fun and “festival style” tournament including a variety of delicious food and drink to keep you fuelled and our resident MC Huggy to guide you through the days events.

BBR is concluded by a prizegiving and closing ceremony beach party. Celebrate all your achievements with a Ministry of Sound DJ pumping out the best summer tunes as the sun sets over the award winning Bournemouth beach.

Could your team be the first British Beach Rugby champion?? Please email us on


Get To Know … Barcelona Beach Rugby

1. Hi Mario ! 2018 will be the fourth year of Barcelona Beach Rugby in the EBRA Series. How do you see the development of the tournament over the years?

Well, small correction, this is our fifth anniversary, we started our adventure in June 2014.
The tournament has been consolidating little by little.
After the last edition, in which we had enough problems with the Barcelona City Council, we have managed to establish a relationship with another Barcelona City Council.
At the beginning of the year, we can officially launch the location and the signed agreement.
This year for us is a very important year.
We are ready to organize the EBRA Final Master in 2019, for this reason we are preparing a GREAT TOURNAMENT.
With surprises, improvements and many things for the teams and the public to live a great experience.

2. Last year you had to move the event to another location. For 2018 are you planning to held the event in Barcelona or in some other place?

As I have said, we are currently in talks with the Barcelona City Council, BAdalona and Gavá Mar.
Our idea is to sign an agreement with whom we guarantee a minimum of 5 years of permanence.
In the case of Barcelona, the upcoming elections of December 21 can mark our return to the city.
Badalona, was the location where the tournament was held in 2017.
This City Council has proposed to help us with the ARENA SILICE theme (big problem in the last edition).
On the other hand Gavá Mar offers us a very good beach and location.

3. What the teams can expect by participating in the Barcelona Beach Rugby 2018?

Well, especially a very comfortable location, both in the rest area between games, exclusive area of players, recovery area (physiotherapists, water area, VIP special players and some surprise to entertain the waiting time).
They will also find a new concept of Todo Incúyre, where the teams will not have to worry about anything more than playing and enjoying the final Tournament of the Fiesta.
At the level of competition, we are closing a panel of high-level teams.