“European Beach Rugby Association” and “Sports Development: Beach and Snow Rugby” plan the future


The agreement signed between the 2 European beach and snow rugby organizers is a historic agreement. After 3 years of gazing, the official meeting took place between the two CEOs, the Dutch Kasper Bleijenberg and the Russian Ilya Volodarskiy.

E.B.R.A. was the first international organization to conceive a European beach rugby circuit for clubs and to be present in Portugal, Spain, France, Holland, Italy, Hungary.

S.D.B.S.R. for 3 years he has been organizing the European Cup of Beach and Snow Rugby for Nations in Moscow with the support of the Russian Rugby Federation and Rugby Europe. For 2021, the project will expand to 2 legs in Moldova (Chisinau on 12 and 13 June) and in Latvia (Jurmala on 4 and 5 July). The final in Moscow will be played on 11 and 12 September.

“We are very happy that this agreement has been signed – declares the President Ebra Kasper Bleijenberg – to increase the quality of European beach rugby and to expand the partnerships of the beach rugby circuit for clubs to the east”.

“Ebra has a prestige in Europe for the quality of the organized circuit – said the CEO of SDBSR Ilya Volodarskiy – and I am convinced that the collaboration will bring benefits to both organizations.”

Will the signed agreement create collaboration to create legs of the beach rugby circuit for Nations in Western Europe and stages of the European circuit for clubs in Eastern Europe?

“We are open to collaborations with competent and experienced organizers who enjoy the official support of the Union of their country – replies Ilya Volodarskiy – I was able to talk to Kasper Bleijenberg and Giancarlo Stocco (organizer of the event in Lignano) and we found a shared line to follow ”.

“Expanding the EBRA SERIES to Eastern European organizations is definitely an advantage for all teams and organizations that want to compete on an international level – replies Kasper Bleijenberg – and there will certainly be new opportunities”.

Europe is under COVID-19 emergency. What events can be held?

“The RUGBY EUROPE BEACH TOUR 2021 for national teams will take place only in Jurmala (Latvia) and Moscow (Russia). Moldova currently has very serious problems with COVID-19 – replies Ilya Volodarskiy – No other manifestations are confirmed in Europe ”.

“Next Saturday the members of the EBRA will meet in the General Assembly to decide the summer of 2021 – replies Kasper Bleijenberg – We will evaluate the European situation.”

The dawn of a new strong and consolidated European beach rugby collaboration is born. The evaluation of snow rugby will be the second step. It seems that only COVID-19 can currently slow the development of the ambitious project.

The first Dutch – led EBRA Assembly took place

The President of EBRA – European Beach Rugby Association – Kasper Bleijenberg and the Secretary General Vincent Edelkoort (both Dutch) coordinated, via video conference, the first assembly of the year. The assembly tried to understand the evolution of the pandemic situation in Europe and, inevitably, the future scenarios in view of the EBRA Series 2021. The general awareness has well understood that until, at least, in spring uncertainty will reign, but all EBRA stages are ready for the restart and, on this occasion, they have also confirmed the dates for next season.

The month of June will see the start of the European circuit in Hungary, the new stage at Balaton Lake will take place on 12-13 June. It will then proceed with the North Sea Beach Rugby Cup in The Hague in the Netherlands on 19 and 20 June to continue on 26 and 27 June in Portugal at the Porto Beach Rugby Cup.

July will see the stages in southern Europe: 3 and 4 July the Adriatic Beach Rugby Cup in Alba Adriatica will be played, an important opportunity to enjoy and discover the cuisine and beaches of the Bel Paese. The warm and attractive Barcelona, ​​then, will host the traditional Spanish stage on 10 and 11 July, in what is one of the most engaging and professional stages of the EBRA circuit. Then transfer to Marseille, to one of the oldest and most exciting tournaments on the European circuit, to get to know the beauties of the Old Port as well as the top-level Beach Rugby with its fish bars supplied directly by local fishermen.

The final of the beach 5’s European Cup for clubs is confirmed, however, at the Beach Arena in Lignano Sabbiadoro in Italy, on 24 and 25 July, where the best of European beach rugby will compete for a title paused only by the covid. Lignano Sabbiadoro, then, in addition to two days of great beach rugby and with a very high stakes, can offer a welcome made of golden beaches, crystal clear sea and a nightlife worthy of the most important European locations.

The new board of EBRA., In any case, also presented the new projects for the year 2021 that go beyond the European borders, with contacts in various continents.

“It is a development and expansion dictated by the continuous change of seasonal sports” – said President Kasper Bleijenberg at the end of the Assembly – “EBRA must be an active protagonist in following international events and requests for collaboration. EBRA cannot remain inattentive to the change that is currently in force and thanks to its experience gained in the logistical organization of a European movement, it must follow the change required in a wider context “.

The next EBRA Assembly will be at the end of February and new official communications on the future of the movement are expected.

Kasper Bleijenberg is the new president of the European Beach Rugby Association

EBRA renews its advice to always look to the future with a great desire for innovation

The Dutch Kasper Bleijenberg is the new president of EBRA – European Beach Rugby Association, this was the decision taken yesterday during an online conference held by all members of the association. Frenchman Lionel Laugier, outgoing president, leaves the task of directing the European Association to his Dutch colleague who is preparing to experience a four-year period of great renewal and innovation.

“I am happy and proud for this position – comments the new EBRA president, Kasper Bleijenberg – I cannot fail to thank Lionel Laugier and Giancarlo Stocco, my predecessors who worked to build the base and the future of EBRA. I am honored to collect their work, in a difficult time due to the COVID-19 emergency. Our movement will participate in giving relief and distraction to the populations to distract themselves from this bad moment.
All of this must take place with the cohesion of all EBRA members.
I am very happy that Mario Copetti, a person recognized in Spain also by the Federation for work in national beach rugby, has accepted the position of Vice President alongside me.
Nuno Gramaxo is another person who is working well in Portugal and has proposed and developed the youth beach rugby project that we will be implementing from next season.
It is very important for us to work together, collaborate with the institutional rugby bodies and try to spread the word of beach rugby more and more. More and more EBRA tournaments can help the spread of our sport and inevitably help to raise the level of our circuit and the general competition ”.

The new EBRA board is composed as follows:

President: Kasper Bleijenberg (Netherlands)
Vice President: Mario Copetti (Spain)
Treasurer: Lionel Laugier (France)
Youth development: Nuno Gramaxo (Portugal)
General Secretary: Vincent Edelkoort (Holland)