Get To Know … Barcelona Beach Rugby

1. Hi Mario ! 2018 will be the fourth year of Barcelona Beach Rugby in the EBRA Series. How do you see the development of the tournament over the years?

Well, small correction, this is our fifth anniversary, we started our adventure in June 2014.
The tournament has been consolidating little by little.
After the last edition, in which we had enough problems with the Barcelona City Council, we have managed to establish a relationship with another Barcelona City Council.
At the beginning of the year, we can officially launch the location and the signed agreement.
This year for us is a very important year.
We are ready to organize the EBRA Final Master in 2019, for this reason we are preparing a GREAT TOURNAMENT.
With surprises, improvements and many things for the teams and the public to live a great experience.

2. Last year you had to move the event to another location. For 2018 are you planning to held the event in Barcelona or in some other place?

As I have said, we are currently in talks with the Barcelona City Council, BAdalona and Gavá Mar.
Our idea is to sign an agreement with whom we guarantee a minimum of 5 years of permanence.
In the case of Barcelona, the upcoming elections of December 21 can mark our return to the city.
Badalona, was the location where the tournament was held in 2017.
This City Council has proposed to help us with the ARENA SILICE theme (big problem in the last edition).
On the other hand Gavá Mar offers us a very good beach and location.

3. What the teams can expect by participating in the Barcelona Beach Rugby 2018?

Well, especially a very comfortable location, both in the rest area between games, exclusive area of players, recovery area (physiotherapists, water area, VIP special players and some surprise to entertain the waiting time).
They will also find a new concept of Todo Incúyre, where the teams will not have to worry about anything more than playing and enjoying the final Tournament of the Fiesta.
At the level of competition, we are closing a panel of high-level teams.

Get To Know … Lignano Beach Rugby

  1. Hi Giancarlo! Lignano Beach Rugby is celebrating in 2018 its 25th edition. What is the feeling after 20 years, seeing the tournament as the most iconic Beach 5s event?

R: 25 years is alot. It all started for fun. The success of the event, the request of the teams to come to Lignano, the attention of the regional and then national media, made me start this long journey.
Many people joined me in this jouney, and everyone gave their important contribution. If Lignano arrives at the 25 year mark, it is thanks to them too.
I do not forget the historic teams that have come to Lignano for many years. The battles in the beach arena that made the event important.
It’s a mix of commitment to improve, and to understand how to satisfy those who come to play in Beach Arena. It is certainly a great pride to lead this event and all the people working in the staff team.

2. Tells us a little about the 25th edition that happens to be also the EBRA Master Finals. Is your organization preparing something special?

R: We have many ideas and we are trying to put them in order. We must understand whether to try to have a striking manifestation, or a manifestation of participation. Share 25 years of emotions with all those who have traveled our way.
Surely we want to live up to a European Final Master.

3. Beach 5s seems to be reaching more and more popularity around the world. Are we witnessing a new era in the sport?

R: When you start a new adventure, many look at you like a dreamer. When you persevere in your project, many believe that you waste time. But when your work is successful, when your work group is recognized as serious, when the dream becomes reality, then many want to be by your side. Others want to do the same. In Europe the Federations have realized the importance of beach rugby: show, communication, advertising for rugby, possibility to enter the Olympic Games. Now everyone wants beach rugby. Now everyone is a beach rugby organizer. But few are really.
Yes, a new era has begun in sport. After beach volleyball and beach soccer, the show for the public is beach rugby. The future has begun!!

Get To Know… North Sea Beach Rugby

We traveled to the Shores of the North Sea to meet with Kasper Bleijenberg one of the guys behind the amazing North Sea Beach Rugby Tournament!

1. Hi Kasper! 2018 will be the second year of NSBR in the EBRA Series. What are the organization expectations for this tournament´s 2nd edition?

2018 will be our third edition and the second official in the EBRA circuit. 2018 will also be an important year for us by, among other things, the official recognition of the Dutch Rugby Federation. Furthermore, we are expanding the tournament besides adult teams with youth because we think that the youth is the future for Beach Fives Rugby. Both for the Netherlands and the other countries within the EBRA. Our dream is to bring the Beach Fives Rugby to the attention of the Dutch teams has gained momentum through the ability of the Dutch Rugby Federation to organize an official Dutch Championship. The municipality of The Hague fully supports this initiative. The Hague is becoming the Beach Sport city of Europe and our tournament North Sea Beach Rugby fits in perfectly. Both The Hague and the Dutch Rugby Union consider Beach Fives Rugby and our tournament as an important stimulator for rugby and the accompanying social values.

2. There is any development program for Beach 5s in Holland for the next years?

Foundation North Sea Beach Rugby is recognized as the official provider of Beach Fives Rugby. This allows us to promote the sport with the support of the Dutch Rugby Federation through clinics, referees courses and so on. Because of the good basis, partly due to the support of the EBRA, we can grow into a large and professional tournament both in the Netherlands and abroad and hopefully serve as an example for other tournaments.

3. What the teams can expect by participating in the North Sea Beach Rugby 2018 ?

With the experiences of our organization over the past years, the participating teams can expect in 2018 a professional tournament that meets the highest standards of both the EBRA and the Dutch Rugby Union. North Sea Beach Rugby believes it is important to create a good balance between sports and relaxation, so athletes can perform optimally throughout the tournament and practice the sport in the right way, positively bringing Beach Rugby to the attention of spectators.

The excellent, modern facilities of the stadium are aimed at players and spectators to feel at home. And of course The Hague is the city that welcomes athletes and will do everything to help North Sea Beach Rugby to set up again a top event.