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EBRA: European beach rugby representatives meeting in Barcellona

This weekend in Barcelona (Spain) the last General Assembly of the EBRA – European Beach Rugby Association will be held, as far as 2019 is concerned. All the European EBRA Series organizers will meet under one roof to better structure the next championship and, at the same time, try to better plan the future of this disicpline. There will be representatives of Spain, precisely, in the figure of Mario Copetti, Rui Loureiro and Nuno Gramaxo from Portugal, president Lionel Laugier, from France, his deputy, the Dutch Kasper Bleijenberg and the Italian Giancarlo Stocco. << With this meeting we have the opportunity to best structure our future – comments the president Lionel Laugier – every season we try to take a step forward and also for 2020 it is our intention to try to improve ourselves in an important way. In any case, the dates of the EBRA Series have already been decided and now we only need to coordinate to guarantee all participants the maximum of professionalism >>. Summer 2020 will see the following seaside resorts at the center of the Beach Rugby Series: 13/14 June, Lake Balaton (Hungary), 20/21 June North Sea Beach Rugby in The Hague, 27/28 June in Porto (Portugal), 4/5 July in Figueira da Foz (Portugal) and Alba Adriatica (Italy), 11/12 July in Barcelona (Spain), 18/19 July in Marseille (France), the grand final, instead, will be played at the Beach Arena in Lignano Sabbiadoro, the weekend of 25 and 26 of July. << We must try to work in energy between us organizers of the stages and members of the EBRA – comments Kasper Bleijenberg, EBRA vice president and organizer of the North Sea Beach Rugby – it is important to strengthen ourselves and build together an important future for this beautiful and involving oval discipline> >.

EBRA wants to clarify the exclusion of Barcelona from the 2019 circuit

EBRA – European Beach Rugby Association – wants to clarify the exclusion of Barcelona from the 2019 circuit. The decision was not easy, but it was taken unanimously by all members of the EBRA. To be part of this association, there are rules that all members respect and share. In this context, the Barcelona organization, after many reminders, has not fulfilled its membership obligations and EBRA has therefore decided to suspend it. Nothing more, nothing less. The decision was undoubtedly difficult, but the association that manages the European Beach Rugby has its own regulation and all the members who belong to it must respect it. “We followed our rules – commented Lionel Laugier, president of EBRA – the decision was unanimous. And tomorrow ? For now, we are living this season in 2019, then we will talk about it again >>.

E.B.R.A. disembarks on Australian beaches but cancels Barcelona

E.B.R.A. formalizes the entry into the Association of the BEACH RUGBY AUSTRALIA organization, with the event “SPRING BREAK” in Queensland. “An important step in the implementation of the beach rugby expansion” comments the General Secretary of the B.R.A. Giancarlo Stocco. “It is a project of development of collaboration with international beach rugby events that aims at the territorial development of a movement that has not yet framed the base, namely that of the Clubs”.
To date, only Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal and, from this year, Spain, have a regular national beach rugby championship. E.B.R.A. is in collaboration with these realities inside and outside Europe, to develop a homogeneous movement that can express a true movement of National Representatives in the future.
The negative note is the cancellation of the Spanish leg of Barcelona. “It is a real shame and a step backwards on certain projects. E.B.R.A. asked certain conditions to stay within the Organization and for the organization of the event. We do not expect the perfection that we know to be difficult for everyone to reach, but certain relationships within and outside of E.B.R.A. must be respected. “Stage and role within E.B.R.A. suspended for 2019? “Exactly. It was decided after months of discussions and research of possible solutions. It is a postponement to September to meet again and resume talks. September will be a very important Assembly for the definition of the future roles of all in the international scenario of beach rugby “. Udine will host the General Assembly of the Ebra on 21 September. Once again, Friuli Venezia Giulia becomes the international scenario of the beach rugby movement.