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North Sea Beach Rugby 2019, Sportive Rugby Battle on the beach

In the weekend of 15 and 16 June, the beach is owned by rugby players. Everywhere you look, players are playing with a rugby ball. A total of 2000 rugby players are coming to the beach of Scheveningen in The Hague. A total of more than 160 teams play on 16 pitches during the weekend “And that could have been a lot more”, says organizer Kasper Bleijenberg. “There is enough place on the beach in The Hague. But we consciously stopped enrolling. We don’t want to get too big without the organisation being able to grow. We are already twenty percent bigger than last year.” And with participants from all over the world. “Teams from Marseille, Porto, Rome, the Russian men’s and women’s team, Curaçao and from South Africa SA Wilddogs”, Bleijenberg sums up. “And of course a lot of Dutch. Almost all Dutch clubs come with youth, women’s and men’s teams.” The Hague is the first tournament of the European beach rugby tour, which this summer will visit various places on the continent.

In addition to matches from the European series, there are also matches played for the Dutch Championship in cooperation with Rugby Nederland(Dutch Rugby Association).