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Get to Know…. Figueira Beach Rugby International

1. Rui, the Figueira Beach Rugby was born in 2010. How has been the journey so far?

We started tthis projet back in 2010 already aiming to create something unique. We always had the dream to develop one of the world´s biggest Beach Rugby Tournaments and we fortunately achieved it. From 20 teams in 2010 we grown to more than 50 teams and 10 nationalities represented in 2016. For the first time we had 2 non european nations (USA and Dubai) represented. 2016 was a very special year for us, being highlighted by the Rugby World Magazine, with a 4 pages article, something that meant a lot to us.

2. Your official Hashtag is #BeachRugbyMadness. Why is that?

Since the early days our concept was to create a competitive tournament mixed with a great social side. That mix creates a great atmosphere around the fields, with a lot of crazy, funny things happening while the finest Beach Rugby is played.

3. How do you see the present and future of the EBRA project?

The present is definitely very bright, with three new members joining the EBRA family ( England, Greece and Cayman Isalands). The future is certainly a huge challenge once the possibilities are endless.

Know more about the Figueira Beach Rugby International here : www.portugalbeachrugby.com

Get to Know …. Lignano Super Beach 5s Rugby

1. Giancarlo, Ligano SUPER BEACH 5s is the most historic tournament on tour. Can you recall the first Lignano Tournament Organization? What can you tell us about thioe days and how different it was?

June 6, 1993 the beach rugby comes to Camping Pino Mare in Lignano Riviera. 20 male and 10 female teams from various parts of Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Ireland. BBQ, beer, music and the beach camp: all this creating the beach rugby community. The event becomes more important every year and from this beach, born the idea of create a national championship. In 1998 the Italian League and Lignano Beach Rugby hosts the national final. In 2001 is bornt the second event, the LIGNANO INTERNATIONAL CUP. Few years later starts the project for the creation of the European Beach Rugby Association and its Series.


Lignano is surely one of the most icnonic Tournaments of the EBRA Series

2. In the last year we saw some changes in the tournament organization with the inclusion of women competiition. How important the growth of women beach rugby can be for the development of the sport?

Is very important. Few people understand how important it is. Many believe it is not spectacular. The women’s rugby is spectacular, it is important for the growth of the movement and it is a great vehicle for marketing.

3. What you think will be the future of Beach Rugby 5s?

We are working to improve it and expand it.

The European Beach Rugby Cup is developed on a circuit

The EBRA (European Beach Rugby Association) runs the series around Europe

The Championship starts in July: there will be four stages around the continent and you could whatch the best beach rugby teams from the hole world battling for this years title. Everthing starts in Marseilles (France) and Figueira (Portugal) on the first weekend-2nd/3rd July 2016-one week later we’ll fly in Barcelona(Spain) on the 9th/10th July and on the third weekend the Ebra Final Series will be played in Lignano Sabbiadoro(Italy-16th/17th of July). There is big expectancy for this new edition: all teams are getting reinforced to fight the reigning champions Oval Beach Marseille; let’s find out wich teams will appear this summer around the european stages: Tonga and Fiji for example, the “masters of discipline” Pacific Islander , Oval Beach Marseille and let’s not forget the Barbarians from Catalunya , the paduan guys from Padova Beach, the friulian boys of Forum Iulii, the USA Eagles and last but not least the iranian team Pasagard. ” We decided to bet on this sport trying to get better every year, every summer “- this is what Giancarlo Stocco-Ebra president said- ” This season Beach Rugby will be even better than the previous editions, hopefully more intense and spectacular. Every hosting city is preparing and improving at the same time the torunament from different points of view: qualitatively, game level and organization in order to ensure the best and highest level of accomodation and hospitality. ” Any news for this new years edition? ” Sure, in Lignano in addition to the men’s final we will assign the European Beach Rugby Female Cup. It’s the first time that this happens since Ebra exists and I’m very happy and proud that we reached this goal and make it real. ”
Let’s us remind you one more time dates and cities where the Ebra series will take place:

2/3 July 2016: Marsiglia (France) e Figueira (Portugal);
9/10 July 2016: Barcellona (Spain);
16/17 July 2016: Lignano Sabbiadoro (Italy).