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EBRA Series postponed to 2021

The General Assembly met by videoconference on Saturday March 28 to define the measures to be taken in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The main objective of the European Beach Rugby Association (EBRA) is to protect the well-being of the players and, on this basis, has decided to suspend EBRA Series for 2020. The EBRA members decided to postpone the European final which was to be played at the end of July in Lignano Sabbiadoro, stating that: the teams qualified for the 2020 final will play for the European title in 2021. These difficult decisions were taken by the EBRA General Assembly unanimously by its members. The suspension of the activity for the summer of 2020 was made to protect the athletes who participate in the series each summer, to protect the invitational clubs that organize real tours in Europe and thus give everyone the opportunity to organize for next season. The EBRA leaves it to the discretion of its members to organize their tournaments, in accordance with the guidelines of their country and their local federation. As far as possible, EBRA will fully support the members who will keep their tournament organized.

<<The suspension of the EBRA Series 2020 was not an easy choice – comments Lionel Laugier, president of the EBRA – in any case it is at times like this that we must work together in the general interest. We decided that health comes first and we made our decision unanimously. We will be particularly attentive to the will of the authorities and federations regarding the resumption of sporting activities and only at that time we will come back with great pleasure to speak to you about playing Beach Rugby >>.

Communiqué de presse en français

European Beach Rugby Association – L’Assemblée Générale s’est réunie par vidéoconférence le samedi 28 mars pour définir les mesures à prendre en réponse à la pandémie de Covid-19.
L’objectif principal de l’European Beach Rugby Association (EBRA) est de protéger le bien-être des joueurs et, sur ces bases, a décidé de suspendre et de reporter l’EBRA Series en 2021.
Les membres de l’EBRA ont décidé le report de la finale européenne qui devait se jouer fin juillet à Lignano Sabbiadoro en précisant que : les équipes qualifiées pour la finale 2020 joueront pour le titre européen en 2021.
Ces difficiles décisions ont été prisent par l’Assemblée Générale de l’EBRA à l’unanimité de ses membres. La suspension de l’activité pour l’été 2020 a été faite pour protéger les athlètes qui participent à la série chaque été, pour protéger les clubs sur invitation qui organisent de véritables tournées en Europe et ainsi donner à chacun la possibilité de s’organiser pour la saison prochaine.
L’EBRA laisse à la libre appréciation de ses membres d’organiser leur tournoi, conformément aux directives de leur pays et de leur fédération de tutelle. Dans la mesure de ses possibilités, l’EBRA soutiendra totalement les membres qui maintiendront l’organisation leur tournoi.

<< La suspension de l’EBRA Series 2020 n’a pas été un choix facile – commente Lionel Laugier, président de l’EBRA – en tout cas c’est dans des moments comme celui-ci qu’il faut travailler ensemble dans l’intérêt général. Nous avons décidé que la santé passe avant tout et nous avons pris unanimement notre décision. Nous serons particulièrement attentif à la volonté des autorités et des fédérations quant à la reprise des activités sportives et seulement à ce moment-là nous reviendrons avec grand plaisir vous parler de jouer au Beach Rugby >>.

Russia conquers the North Sea Beach Rubgy

Russia conquers the Netherlands and, more precisely, the North Sea Beach Rugby: both in the men’s and women’s tournaments, in fact, it is the Russian nation that stands out. Among the males are the Marseilles in the semifinals and then Le Minots in the final having to surrender to the organization and technique of the Russians, while the women’s final saw the Italians of the Sabbie Mobili lose against the Russians, but play great against a national team that has proved on the field to be the strongest. << We are proud of how this tournament is increasingly becoming a reference point for beach rugby – comments Kasper Bleijenberg, one of the organizers of the event – it is our intention to create more and more synergies to make the North Sea beach Rugby always more international and high level. We know we should still work a lot, but let’s start from a solid base and look to the future with great serenity >>.



North Sea Beach Rugby 2019: the rankings after the first day of competitions

The North Sea Beach Rugby 2019 started under pouring rain, but when the sun came up, the Beach Rugby also gave its best. The first day of competitions is coming to an end and confirmations come from Marseille, Les Minots, Curacao and the national team of Russia. In women, however, dominates Russia, followed by Sabbie for the sake of Marseille. Below are the updated Saturday evening rankings: