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The Barcelona’s tournament is suspended from the Ebra Series 2019

Après avoir attendu un nouveau mois pour permettre à la société 2 Hooker d’effectuer le paiement dû de sa cotisation annuelle, de répondre aux demandes de l’EBRA pour la nouvelle saison et d’assurer le niveau de qualité organisationnelle requis pour 2019, le président Lionel Laugier, appuyé par toutes les composantes des membres et du conseil d’administration de l’EBRA, malgré toute sa bonne volonté pour trouver une issue favorable, elle a dû se résigner à formaliser l’exclusion de la manifestation de Barcelone de l’EBRA SERIE 2019.

“C’est une journée vraiment amère aujourd’hui – commente Lionel Laugier – Exclure un événement ne me plaît pas. Depuis des mois, avec Mario Copetti, nous essayons de trouver un point de rencontre. Nous ne recevons que des attaques, des critiques et des absences lors des assemblées ou 2 HOOKER a été convoqué. L’E.B.R.A. doit garantir aux équipes participantes au circuit 2019, la qualité et la liberté dans les choix personnels et doit écouter en tenant compte de toutes les critiques des différentes équipes. Nous devions choisir entre tomber dans une nouvelle controverse comme par le passé ou opérer un changement. Rien n’est fermé à Barcelone et à son représentant Mario Copetti. Il a été invité à se présenter à l’Assemblée générale de Porto le 23 mars prochain pour des éclaircissements et pour reconstruire une relation qui se détériorait. L’avenir est entre ses mains. L’E.B.R.A. a clarifié ses lignes directrices et le respect de l’institution. La collaboration et les critiques constructives sont les bienvenues. Les projets isolés et les polémiques sont laissés à l’extérieur par l’E.B.R.A. N’ayant pas encore reçu les noms et adresses (obligatoires en septembre 2018) des équipes qui se seraient inscrites à Barcelone, il appartiendra à Mario Copetti d’avertir ces dernières.


Despite our good will in recent months and granting yet another one month’s delay to Company 2 Hooker , which organizes the tournament in Barcelona, to make the payment of the annual fee and not adequately respond to requests from the EBRA for the new season and the required level of organizational quality for 2019, President Lionel Laugier, supported and agreed by all parts of the EBRA Assembly , has to formalize the exclusion of the tournament of Barcelona for the EBRA Series 2019. “It is really a sad day today – said Laugier – Excluding an event is not pleasant. With Mario Copetti, we have spent months trying to compare and find solutions. Unfortunately, we have only received attacks, criticisms and absences at the meetings called for. E.B.R.A. must guarantee the teams participating in the series quality and freedom in personal choices and must listen to all the criticisms of the different teams. We had to choose between a new controversy as in the past or a change. EBRA keeps the conversation going and has invited Mario Copetti to the General Assembly in Porto on March 23. This to see if there are still opportunities for further cooperation. The future is in his hands. E.B.R.A. has clarified his guideline and respect for the organisation. Cooperation and constructive criticism are welcome; free isolated projects and polemics are not tolerated by E.B.R.A.. Since the names and addresses (was already requested in September 2018 and is an obligation) of the teams that would have registered in Barcelona have not yet been received, it is up to Mario Copetti to warn everyone and he and his company 2Hooker bear full responsibility.

Let’s talk with Lionel Laugier, president of EBRA and the “boss” of Marseille Beach 5s

How is the organization of Marsiglia Tournament proceeding? What will be the news?

The organization goes on for the best we are filing all the grant files and preparing the papers for the teams, the public and the partners. The big news is that our tournament will be called: SOUTH BEACH RUGBY FIVE MARSEILLE FRANCE – EUROPEAN SERIES Also another novelty will certainly be the change of venue of the tournament with the return of our organization first weekend of July the 5.6 and 7 of July. So perhaps we work French Union recognize in 2019 Marseille like test tournament for the tackle on the sand Beach Rugby Five in France!

Let’s talk about EBRA SERIES: there have been so many changes, especially in the regulation, how do you live this moment? Do you think that these innovations were useful for the growth of the series?

The philosophy of the founding members of the EBRA was to make known and recognized with the authorities of Rugby World and the general public in particular this innovative discipline of Beach Rugby. The founding idea was between us not looking for what EBRA can bring you but bringing its experience, organizational expertise, network of relationships and partners to help EBRA grow! These changes for our European Beach Rugby Association (EBRA), which is celebrating its 6th anniversary this year, had to be redesigned with the organization of the EBRA Series final master’s program, which will now be a real final tournament with the teams taking part are involved in all EBRA member tournaments. We are also working to ensure that teams playing the game on and off the field are also rewarded. This is the rison for which we wanted to set up Wild Cards. We will be vigilant on the return to the spirit of the game by enforcing the basic rule wanted by the Italian founders of Beach Rugby Five I want to talk about the interpretation of the rule of 2 seconds! A meeting will be held in April 2019 with new Disciplinary Officer Andrea Leone and Alumni Dave Drudy as Referee Guide for Referees and Referees designated by their respective tournaments.

Beach rugby is a fantastic sport. In your opinion, what must change to become a “professional” movement?

We are at a turning point in our Beach Rugby Five movement to tackle in the sand. The IRB now World Rugby officially recognizes in 2010 the rules of Beach Rugby Five to stick in the sand. For the first time in December 2014 and 2015 World Rugby with a French President Bernard Lapasset organizes in Rio de Janeiro an exhibition tournament before the Olympic Games in Rio and chooses the Beach Rugby Five to tackle to promote Rugby on a football ground ! A new shift has been made for two years with Rugby Europe, which is organizing with our Russian friends the European Championship of Nations in Moscow. We realize with all this evolution that power and money are not enough for the success of a new practice of Beach Rugby Five. The Beach Rugby Five must be made even more popular through our tournaments, the spirit of the game in Europe and beyond by working on other continents. We must multiply the initiatives of collaborations with all those who wish to practice, help us or organize tournaments in the initiatory spirit of Beach Rugby Five. To be recognized as a professional discipline, it will be necessary, in my humble opinion, initially to continue our work of structuring the internal organizational and financial means that we have wanted to put in place within the EBRA. Among other things, the decisions taken at the General Assembly in The Hague by a fee for organizing the EBRA Series Master Finals, the introduction of a participation card for the EBRA Series tournaments for players, coachs and managers … At the end, I think that if we become structurally and economically independent, then we will have more weight to find renowned partners who will naturally lead us to professionalism.

Looking at the future of EBRA, what would you like to happen? Where should you go to work according to you to establish yourself definitively?

I would go back to what I said above and I would add that we need more stability in the EBRA executive by working like traditional rugby on fundamentals. By that I mean that the EBRA recognized today by the federation Rugby Europe (member of the Beach Rugby Commission, Snow Rugby & Seven) must continue and be an independent organization with its own means without waiting for the world rugby institutions enormously in return ! We must continue our efforts to work together by seeking out and creating our own identity, our own Rugby DNA. The organizers of EBRA tournaments must continue their work of organizer and propose the best tournaments possible so that our organization EBRA continues to take value and expertise! We think of getting closer to a commercial structure or even creating our own entity. Our organization is based on trust and trust does not exclude control. This is the reason why I asked Giancarlo Stocco our Founding President to take over the General Secretariat so that Rui Loureiro also founding member of the EBRA can continue his quality structural work in the Iberian Peninsula but also through the relations Internationals that he may have with other organizations. It is imperative to continue and structure the EBRA so that it is independent in the future from all points of view. If we wish to continue our action plan for EBRA, we need to communicate more regularly and professionally. This is why we chose to return to Davide Macor and Enrico Turello in a role of media manager for the press communication part, FB and website. The future is also based on our ability to adapt and the initiative taken by our new Vice President Kasper Bleijenberg, who will be working within EBRA to develop a European Beach Rugby Tour for young people. the engine of a future generation of true beach rugby players.

The meaning of EBRA Series and the new rules to enter into the Master Cup

In recent years, during the oval summers, so much has been said about the European Beach Rugby Association or more simply EBRA: but how many, excluding enthusiasts, do they really know what it is and what does this Association manage? Let’s face it, very few. Well it’s time to make things clear. EBRA is an international association that groups together in one circuit the most important continental beach rugby tournaments for clubs and, at the same time, looks with interest at numerous international events; contacts, in fact, were taken with tournaments in Egypt, Australia, Iran, Russia, Brazil. But who are the members of EBRA? Figueira de Foz (Portugal), Lignano Sabbiadoro (Italy), Marseille (France), Porto (Portugal), Barcelona (Spain), The Hague (Holland). The organizers of these tournaments, in fact, meet periodically to structure everything that revolves around this that, over the years, has become a real European Championship for Clubs; a sort of European Series of Beach Rugby, to make a comparison with the Rugby World Series at Seven. From this season, then, there is also a substantial change to participate in the final: essentially those who participated in the EBRA Series 2018 and has won or qualified, winning a certain threshold of points, or won their national championship (Holland, Portugal, Italy) has the right to enter the MASTER CUP of 2019, which will take place in Figuiera in Portugal. On the other hand, those who will take part in the 2019 edition of the EBRA series is playing the chance to enter the final of 2020; this decision was made to give an univocal format to the series and, at the same time, allow the finalist teams to organize themselves, also from an economic point of view.