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Ebra Series canceled but the leaders of European beach rugby are in full swing to plan the future of the continental movement

“Thanks to the video conferences we are already at the fourth meeting of the year” – comments the President Lionel Laugier – “We are aware of having an important space to work for an improvement of the future of the Series and for new collaborations. ” The media section has been consolidated with the episodes of the BEACH RUGBY HISTORY – WE ARE BEACH RUGBY, with an important follow-up on the thematic channel BeachRugbyChannel.com. After the presentations of the organizations of the European circuit, the continuation with new episodes focused on the historical teams, referees and important characters of the Ebra Series was approved. It is also the year of the renewal of the EBRA Administrative Council and Saturday 3 October will be the date set for the new President’s elections. Nothing comes out of the meeting last Saturday, the only almost certainty is Lionel Laugier’s non-candidacy for a second term. “I do not apply because the Hebra needs a change at the top in search of new visions and management” -comments Lionel Laugier- “The people with quality at the helm of the Hebrew are there and must have the right space to express themselves with the support and experience of the old guard. ” Looking to the future there will be an important renewal in the home of EBRA

 #wearebeachrugby project introduces itself

Over the past few months, the EBRA – European Beach Rugby Association organizational machine has been working constantly to try to keep interest high around the beach rugby world. This is how the #WEAREBEACHRUGBY project was born, which involves the development of a series of video interviews with all the organizers of the stages of the EBRA Series and those who over the years have always been very close to the world of European beach rugby. All will be broadcast on the channels of beachrugbychannel.com, beach-rugby.eu and on the websites of the member organizations of EBRA – European Beach Rugby Association.

“THE BEACH RUGBY HISTORY” will tell the story of beach rugby in Europe, the people and their roles, organizations, teams and curiosities that revolve around the ever intense world of this oval discipline.

The weekly episodes will be online from Monday 6 May.

<< Seeing rugby played further and further due to this virus – comments Lionel Laugier, president of EBRA – we could not stand still and so we decided to structure this series of videos / interviews to tell the past, strengthen the present and think to the future with great positivity. Other, then, are the communication projects at stake, but for the moment we want to reveal this beginning. The certainty is that during this summer we will keep you company constantly talking a lot about the fantastic world of Beach Rugby >>.

From the meeting of the Board of EBRA, here the dates of the 2021 Series of beach rugby

EBRA – European Beach Rugby Association met yesterday at a video conference to understand what the future of European beach rugby club will be. It has been found that the situation in Europe is extremely unstable, to the point of not even being able to confirm the progress of the tournaments. While RUGBY EUROPE cancels all the events for the senior and youth national teams, in beach rugby there is still waiting.

Having said that, the European Beach Rugby Association underlines how EBRA members await the final decisions of their national governments for those outside the organization of EBRA, who advertise and confirm the progress of their event.

<< We live in an absolutely difficult situation and that does not allow us to make long-term plans – comments Lionel Laugier, EBRA president – it is our intention to take it one step at a time, wait for the decisions of our governments and then do our best for the good of our athletes and, in case, think with great optimism to 2021 >>.

And so at the total closure of the Hague in Holland and Alba Adriatica in Italy, the very likely one of Lignano Sabbiadoro in Italy will follow. Too many legal risks to take for COVID-19 risk.

Marseille, Barcelona, ​​Porto and Balaton Lake are pessimistic, but await the final decisions of their respective governments in May.

<< We are forced to act waiting for the decisions of others – concludes President Lionel Laugier – we all have a great desire for beach rugby, to play and to smile again, however for the good of all we must think of the common good, of our players and our families. Reason why we will make a final decision, waiting for the developments of May >>.

In any case, EBRA – European Beach Rugby Association is continuing to work for the development and diffusion of beach rugby, in Europe and beyond. Decisions have been made on some projects which will be revealed shortly. The future? It was unanimously decided to plan the future well in advance. Strong signal of union and proactivity for EBRA and its circuit.

<< We are waiting for the latest government decisions for this season – concludes Lionel Laugier – but as soon as possible we will let you know the future of EBRA and its European Series. What is certain is that the future will still be full of our enthusiasm and above all of much Beach Rugby >>.

Meanwhile, he decided on the dates of the EBRA SERIES 2021 well in advance.

The headquarters of the 2021 European Final was unanimously confirmed: Lignano Sabbiadoro.

EBRA Series 2021:

June 12-13 BALATON LAKE – Hungary

June 19-20 JNORTH SEA BEACH RUGBY CUP – Netherlands

June 26-27 PORTO BEACH RUGBY CUP – Portugal

July 03-04 ALBA ADRIATICA – Italy

July 10-11 BARCELONA – Spain


July 24-25 EBRA SERIES 2021 FINAL – Lignano Sabbiadoro, ITALY