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The first Dutch – led EBRA Assembly took place

The President of EBRA – European Beach Rugby Association – Kasper Bleijenberg and the Secretary General Vincent Edelkoort (both Dutch) coordinated, via video conference, the first assembly of the year. The assembly tried to understand the evolution of the pandemic situation in Europe and, inevitably, the future scenarios in view of the EBRA Series 2021. The general awareness has well understood that until, at least, in spring uncertainty will reign, but all EBRA stages are ready for the restart and, on this occasion, they have also confirmed the dates for next season.

The month of June will see the start of the European circuit in Hungary, the new stage at Balaton Lake will take place on 12-13 June. It will then proceed with the North Sea Beach Rugby Cup in The Hague in the Netherlands on 19 and 20 June to continue on 26 and 27 June in Portugal at the Porto Beach Rugby Cup.

July will see the stages in southern Europe: 3 and 4 July the Adriatic Beach Rugby Cup in Alba Adriatica will be played, an important opportunity to enjoy and discover the cuisine and beaches of the Bel Paese. The warm and attractive Barcelona, ​​then, will host the traditional Spanish stage on 10 and 11 July, in what is one of the most engaging and professional stages of the EBRA circuit. Then transfer to Marseille, to one of the oldest and most exciting tournaments on the European circuit, to get to know the beauties of the Old Port as well as the top-level Beach Rugby with its fish bars supplied directly by local fishermen.

The final of the beach 5’s European Cup for clubs is confirmed, however, at the Beach Arena in Lignano Sabbiadoro in Italy, on 24 and 25 July, where the best of European beach rugby will compete for a title paused only by the covid. Lignano Sabbiadoro, then, in addition to two days of great beach rugby and with a very high stakes, can offer a welcome made of golden beaches, crystal clear sea and a nightlife worthy of the most important European locations.

The new board of EBRA., In any case, also presented the new projects for the year 2021 that go beyond the European borders, with contacts in various continents.

“It is a development and expansion dictated by the continuous change of seasonal sports” – said President Kasper Bleijenberg at the end of the Assembly – “EBRA must be an active protagonist in following international events and requests for collaboration. EBRA cannot remain inattentive to the change that is currently in force and thanks to its experience gained in the logistical organization of a European movement, it must follow the change required in a wider context “.

The next EBRA Assembly will be at the end of February and new official communications on the future of the movement are expected.

Kasper Bleijenberg is the new president of the European Beach Rugby Association

EBRA renews its advice to always look to the future with a great desire for innovation

The Dutch Kasper Bleijenberg is the new president of EBRA – European Beach Rugby Association, this was the decision taken yesterday during an online conference held by all members of the association. Frenchman Lionel Laugier, outgoing president, leaves the task of directing the European Association to his Dutch colleague who is preparing to experience a four-year period of great renewal and innovation.

“I am happy and proud for this position – comments the new EBRA president, Kasper Bleijenberg – I cannot fail to thank Lionel Laugier and Giancarlo Stocco, my predecessors who worked to build the base and the future of EBRA. I am honored to collect their work, in a difficult time due to the COVID-19 emergency. Our movement will participate in giving relief and distraction to the populations to distract themselves from this bad moment.
All of this must take place with the cohesion of all EBRA members.
I am very happy that Mario Copetti, a person recognized in Spain also by the Federation for work in national beach rugby, has accepted the position of Vice President alongside me.
Nuno Gramaxo is another person who is working well in Portugal and has proposed and developed the youth beach rugby project that we will be implementing from next season.
It is very important for us to work together, collaborate with the institutional rugby bodies and try to spread the word of beach rugby more and more. More and more EBRA tournaments can help the spread of our sport and inevitably help to raise the level of our circuit and the general competition ”.

The new EBRA board is composed as follows:

President: Kasper Bleijenberg (Netherlands)
Vice President: Mario Copetti (Spain)
Treasurer: Lionel Laugier (France)
Youth development: Nuno Gramaxo (Portugal)
General Secretary: Vincent Edelkoort (Holland)

European Beach Rugby Association: everything is ready for the election of the new board

Saturday 3 October the members of the E.B.R.A. they will virtually meet by videoconference, for the election of the new Board that will govern the European beach rugby movement for the next four years.

Last days of Lionel Laugier’s French presidency and Kasper Bleijenberg’s Dutch vice presidency.

“The sums of this four-year period that saw the European oval beach movement between positive moments and others of tension will be drawn up” – comments the outgoing President Lionel Laugier – “I am grateful to all the members for supporting me in this important moment of my experience management and evolution for EBRA Along the way we have lost someone on the way and we have met others. It is part of life and the evolution of collaborations and teamwork. ”

Is the reference from the Figueira da Foz organization last year’s release?

“Of course. A difficult, disappointing moment, but which for both is part of the evolution and the subjective needs and visions of beach rugby. But this must be done without rancor or diasporas. ”


Future of a movement blocked last summer due to the COVID-19 emergency and which will have to start again from where it began to plan its evolution.

“An important challenge that sees us all aware of the work to be done and the mentality and organization that we will have to build. Many ideas and projects were discussed in this period of detention ”.


How does E.B.R.A. to these new presidential elections?

“It comes after months of close, constructive meetings, in search of self-criticism and understanding what to learn from the mistakes of the past. Aware that the next Board will have to govern an innovative structure for our reality, but determined to make a difference. The will is to create a watershed between past and future ”.


So shouldn’t a reshuffle of personalities and visions go back to the past? Do you already have the name of the next President?

“The will is that there is a new course. There are ideas, projects and visions. Saturday we will discuss what will be the new path of E.B.R.A. “