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Everything is ready for the tenth edition of the international tournament in Figueira

The Figueira Beach Rugby International organizers hopes that thousands of people attend the event to watch the largest beach rugby tournament in Europe.

The Figueira Beach Rugby International 10th edition, is the last stage of the European Rugby Beach Rugby Circuit organized by the European Beach Rugby Association, attracting the best teams and nations of the sport. The presence of 42 teams (28 men and 12 women) brings to Figueira da Foz, more than 700 athletes from 10 countries (Portugal, Pacific Islands, South Africa, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Curacao Islands and England) which turns this event into the most important Beach Rugby tournament on a global level.

The highlights of this edition are for the first time the EBRA Master Cup, a parallel competition that brings together the winners of the various tournaments of the European Circuit and the winners of the different European national leagues in 2018, and for the award of the 2019 European Championship titles .

In this edition of Figueira Beach Rugby International will also be crowned, the Winners of the Portugal Beach Rugby Series.

The Press Conf was attended by the mayor of Figueira da Foz, Carlos Monteiro, the Councilor of Sports of Figueira da Foz City Hall, Mafalda Azenha, President of the Tourism Center of Portugal, Pedro Machado, the President of the Portuguese Rugby Federation, Carlos Amado and the coordinator of the Figueira Beach Sports City program, Rui Loureiro.

EBRA Series: the point of the situation after the French stage

Also the third stage of the EBRA Series, Marseille, was played and for this summer 2019 the guidelines that will lead to the Figueira finals are taking shape. Russia, with its organized way of playing is concrete, has shown on the field to be perhaps the strongest formation of this circuit, at the same time the Minots have given him a hard time, both in the Hague and in Marseille , without being able to beat them. The European champions in charge, the Ovale Beach Marsiglia, are experiencing a year of transition, even if their level of play remains among the highest of the Series. The South Africans Wild Dogs have convinced for play, structure and speed. What awaits us then in this end of season EBRA? Certainly the Padova Beach and the Italian champions in charge of the Crazy Crabs, already from the stage of Lignano, will want to be protagonists and thus raise the general level; without forgetting the other Italian team that will participate in Lignano 2019, the Monsters: young team and very strong ball in hand. It will be two weeks of fun and great beach rugby, that’s for sure. << I expect great things from this season finale – commented Lionel Laugier, president of EBRA – so many teams can compete for the final title and this is an aspect that is good for the whole movement. We all continue to work like this and the results, like the awards for the work we are doing, I’m sure will come. Although it is satisfying for us to see so many teams fighting for the final title >>. Even in the women’s tournament, Russia was the host, even though Marseille, Blagnac Maouka and Sport Porto performed well at high levels throughout the tournament.

Russia dominates the Marseille stage

In a two days of great beach rugby on the beach of Marseille, Russia manages to establish itself in both tournaments: men and women. In the men’s tournament the Russians have the best in the final on I Minots, which in any case play a very thick game, proving to be a team of great value and level; the third place, instead, is reached by the hosts of the Ovale Beach Marseille, able to impose themselves on the South Africans of the Wild Dogs, authors of a tournament played at very high levels. In the feminine, as already said, Russia dictates law, demonstrating on the field that it is an organized team with individualities of absolute international value. << I am satisfied with how this two days of beach rugby went – commented Lionel Laugier, president of EBRA (European Beach Rugby Association) and organizer of the Marseillaise stage – I saw an important increase in the overall level of play and this is definitely a Positive aspect. Now we must continue to work on this path to redeem this increasingly international and engaging circuit >>.