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EBRA Series 2019: the situation after two stages. The point of view of Rui Loureiro, organizer of the Figueira final

After a weekend break, EBRA beach rugby starts again with the Marseille stage. In The Hague and Porto we have seen so many positive things: starting from the increasingly high level of play, passing through an increasingly global involvement of the teams participating, passing through an ever greater success with the public and participation. At the level of results in The Hague the national team of Russia proved to be a really well-structured team, the French of Ovale Beach Marseille and of the Minots confirmed themselves as two of the strongest teams at European level, as well as the South Africans of SA Wild Dogs. In Porto, on the other hand, it was the university teams of Lisbon and, precisely, Porto that played the role of host, showing off a game that was spectacular at times and showing how Portuguese beach rugby really takes it seriously. With this in mind we reached the organizer of Figueira’s final and EBRA member, Rui Loureiro to take stock of these Series and the Portuguese finals, that this year celebrates 10 years.

Are you ready for this year Final?

Sure we are! In 2019 we celebrate the Figueira Beach Rugby 10th edition so we are planning something special to the more than 50 teams from 10 countris that will visit us!
We are very excited with the various competitions that gonna be held in Figueira. EBRA Master Final Cup, EBRA Series and Portugal Beach Rugby Series. We will see many teams being crowned in Figueira.

How do you feel about this Ebra Series 2019?

I think that all the tournaments have a very good level of organization. Very nice locations, awesome Beach Rugby Arenas, and many teams attending the events. The good vibes are building up and we are confident that everyone will have a blast once they reach the Figueira shores.

The meaning of EBRA Series and the new rules to enter into the Master Cup

In recent years, during the oval summers, so much has been said about the European Beach Rugby Association or more simply EBRA: but how many, excluding enthusiasts, do they really know what it is and what does this Association manage? Let’s face it, very few. Well it’s time to make things clear. EBRA is an international association that groups together in one circuit the most important continental beach rugby tournaments for clubs and, at the same time, looks with interest at numerous international events; contacts, in fact, were taken with tournaments in Egypt, Australia, Iran, Russia, Brazil. But who are the members of EBRA? Figueira de Foz (Portugal), Lignano Sabbiadoro (Italy), Marseille (France), Porto (Portugal), Barcelona (Spain), The Hague (Holland). The organizers of these tournaments, in fact, meet periodically to structure everything that revolves around this that, over the years, has become a real European Championship for Clubs; a sort of European Series of Beach Rugby, to make a comparison with the Rugby World Series at Seven. From this season, then, there is also a substantial change to participate in the final: essentially those who participated in the EBRA Series 2018 and has won or qualified, winning a certain threshold of points, or won their national championship (Holland, Portugal, Italy) has the right to enter the MASTER CUP of 2019, which will take place in Figuiera in Portugal. On the other hand, those who will take part in the 2019 edition of the EBRA series is playing the chance to enter the final of 2020; this decision was made to give an univocal format to the series and, at the same time, allow the finalist teams to organize themselves, also from an economic point of view.