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An extraordinary meeting for EBRA. Here’s what happened in Porto

The EBRA – European Beach Rugby Association met in an extraordinary meeting in Porto in order to establish a common organization in view of the start of the Beach Rugby summer circuit. Many issues have been addressed, all of them the desire to manage the European series in a unique way. << With the new formula adopted to participate in the finals - commented Lionel Laugier, EBRA president - we have refreshed ourselves in many ways. Many tournaments have opened to their own vision and the numbers in general have increased. We have also given ourselves a unique communication segment and now the reference for European Beach Rugby will be our website - www.beach-rugby.eu - and our Facebook page >>. The interest that has developed around the oval manifestations managed by the EBRA, Porto, Marseille, Figueira, Lignano Sabbiadoro, The Hague, has led to numerous other realities worldwide to propose to become part of it; in this context the EBRA representatives have decided to monitor and help some well-defined areas in their development: development projects have thus been started with regard to Oceania and the Pan-American one. << We say that if we have always tried to look at Europe - concludes Lionel Laugier - from this meeting onwards we want to think big and think about creating something at world level. We have the management skills, the contacts also, so there was a willingness on the part of everyone to evolve and give space to the development of beach 5s in other shores, which however had already been interested in EBRA independently. What awaits us looking to the future? So much work, but the hope is to create a global beach 5s circuit >>.

Nuno Gramaxo presents us the Porto Beach 5’s tournament

How is the organization of Porto’s Tournament proceeding? What will be the news?

The Porto Beach Rugby will take place on June 22nd and 23rd and, for the first time, will be part of the European circuit of Beach Rugby. Porto is an amazing city, winner of several touristic awards including the Best European Destination in 2017, and it awaits the visit of the best European Beach Rugby Teams. Porto local holiday, São João, will take place on the night of June 23. The city won’t sleep, and you are invited to join this fantastic party.

Let’s talk about EBRA SERIES: there have been so many changes, especially in the regulation, how do you live this moment? Do you think that these innovations were useful for the growth of the series?

Due to EBRA changes, I have no doubt in saying that the circuit will increase considerably in terms of quality and number of participants. Participating in the EBRA Series will be a fantastic time for all teams.

Beach rugby is a fantastic sport. In your opinion, what must change to become a “professional” movement?

To become more professional, I believe it need to expand tournaments to new countries, increasing the organizational quality of tournaments, awarding good prizes, invest in better promotion and invite international players . These are all factors that can bring even greater quality.

Looking at the future of EBRA, what would you like to happen? Where should you go to work according to you to establish yourself definitively?

The work developed by EBRA is giving good results, so in a few years Beach Rugby will significantly increase its importance. I would like to be able to watch big tournaments in the big european cities and even in other parts of the globe.

EBRA Series 2019: dates and locations of 2019’s

Everything is ready for the EBRA Series 2019: after the extraordinary EBRA assembly, held last weekend in Marseille, here is the official calendar of the European championship for Beach Rugby club. The stages involved will still be Lignano Sabbiadoro, Marseille, The Hague (Holland), Porto, Barcelona, ​​while the final will take place in Figueira da Foz (Portugal). “The meeting in Marseille was very interesting and constructive – commented Lionel Laugier, president of the European Beach Rugby Association – we discussed many points related to our movement and we agreed on many decisions that, little by little, we will reveal . Will there be news in 2019? Certainly. The first is that the final will be held in Figueira, one of the European poles of Beach Rugby. While there is great expectation for other innovations related to the communication of the tournament, but those will be revealed in due time >>. The SERIES organizing machine started up and, after the Marseilles meeting, the climate between the organizers of the various tournaments is certainly very positive and there is the awareness of having to promote the EBRA brand more and more. << The final Portugal should be the pride of our 2019, as well as the promotion of the EBRA Series - continues Giancarlo Stocco, responsible for communication for the series of beach rugby - I would be very happy, then, to see the Italians Crazy Crubs try to run for the European title, After Pessimi and Maccarese would be a great satisfaction to see other Italians on the roof of Europe >>.

15-16 of June NORTH SEA BEACH RUGBY The Hague HolLand
22-23 of June PORTO Portogallo