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EBRA Series postponed to 2021

The General Assembly met by videoconference on Saturday March 28 to define the measures to be taken in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The main objective of the European Beach Rugby Association (EBRA) is to protect the well-being of the players and, on this basis, has decided to suspend EBRA Series for 2020. The EBRA members decided to postpone the European final which was to be played at the end of July in Lignano Sabbiadoro, stating that: the teams qualified for the 2020 final will play for the European title in 2021. These difficult decisions were taken by the EBRA General Assembly unanimously by its members. The suspension of the activity for the summer of 2020 was made to protect the athletes who participate in the series each summer, to protect the invitational clubs that organize real tours in Europe and thus give everyone the opportunity to organize for next season. The EBRA leaves it to the discretion of its members to organize their tournaments, in accordance with the guidelines of their country and their local federation. As far as possible, EBRA will fully support the members who will keep their tournament organized.

<<The suspension of the EBRA Series 2020 was not an easy choice – comments Lionel Laugier, president of the EBRA – in any case it is at times like this that we must work together in the general interest. We decided that health comes first and we made our decision unanimously. We will be particularly attentive to the will of the authorities and federations regarding the resumption of sporting activities and only at that time we will come back with great pleasure to speak to you about playing Beach Rugby >>.

Communiqué de presse en français

European Beach Rugby Association – L’Assemblée Générale s’est réunie par vidéoconférence le samedi 28 mars pour définir les mesures à prendre en réponse à la pandémie de Covid-19.
L’objectif principal de l’European Beach Rugby Association (EBRA) est de protéger le bien-être des joueurs et, sur ces bases, a décidé de suspendre et de reporter l’EBRA Series en 2021.
Les membres de l’EBRA ont décidé le report de la finale européenne qui devait se jouer fin juillet à Lignano Sabbiadoro en précisant que : les équipes qualifiées pour la finale 2020 joueront pour le titre européen en 2021.
Ces difficiles décisions ont été prisent par l’Assemblée Générale de l’EBRA à l’unanimité de ses membres. La suspension de l’activité pour l’été 2020 a été faite pour protéger les athlètes qui participent à la série chaque été, pour protéger les clubs sur invitation qui organisent de véritables tournées en Europe et ainsi donner à chacun la possibilité de s’organiser pour la saison prochaine.
L’EBRA laisse à la libre appréciation de ses membres d’organiser leur tournoi, conformément aux directives de leur pays et de leur fédération de tutelle. Dans la mesure de ses possibilités, l’EBRA soutiendra totalement les membres qui maintiendront l’organisation leur tournoi.

<< La suspension de l’EBRA Series 2020 n’a pas été un choix facile – commente Lionel Laugier, président de l’EBRA – en tout cas c’est dans des moments comme celui-ci qu’il faut travailler ensemble dans l’intérêt général. Nous avons décidé que la santé passe avant tout et nous avons pris unanimement notre décision. Nous serons particulièrement attentif à la volonté des autorités et des fédérations quant à la reprise des activités sportives et seulement à ce moment-là nous reviendrons avec grand plaisir vous parler de jouer au Beach Rugby >>.

Alba Adriatica will host the Ebra Series

Alba Adriatica will host the European Tour Ebra Series, the European stage of the beach rugby championship next summer. The event, 4 and 5 July, will be curated by Asd Beach Sport which is setting up a highly prestigious poster. The news was made official by Sandro Zivelli who takes care of beach rugby in Beach Sport after a meeting before Christmas in Milan with the general secretary of the EBRA (European Beach Rugby Association) Giancarlo Stocco. So at the Beach Stadiun Europa Acciai next July there could be a maximum of 18 beach rugby teams, 12 in the men’s and 6 women’s, coming from many European countries, transforming the silver beach into an increasingly international location. Taking a look at the calendar, the small Abruzzo coast will be alongside world-class tourist resorts such as Marseille, Barcelona, ​​Porto – Portugal, then Lignano Sabbiadoro which will host the final stage. To which this season have been added Balaton Lake (Hungary) and Alba Adriatica. Over the years the strongest teams in the world have challenged each other on the beaches of Europe and, in this context, Italy has always distinguished itself very well. The show, therefore, has always been guaranteed, but in recent years the challenges have become increasingly exciting and high-level. At the Beach Stadium Europa Acciai, at the Al Faro plant, we will have the following teams on 4th and 5th July: the reigning champions of Ovale Beach Marseille, Les Minots – France, Padova Beach – Italy, Crazy Crabs – Italy, Yakha XIII – France, SA Wild Dogs – South Africa. To these formations will be added in the coming months that will complete the scoreboard with the groups. Another international blow for the prestige of Alba Adriatica, increasingly devoted to top-level sporting events.

EBRA Series 2020, here are the qualified teams. Official dates for all series tournaments

Lionel Laugier, the current president of EBRA, has formalized the dates for the SERIES 2020, the headquarters and the qualified teams for the European final of 2020: the final will be played in Lignano Sabbiadoro (Italy). Just Italy managed to qualify as many as six teams for this final, 4 for men and two for women: on one side there will be the Italian champions of Belli Dentro, while through the 2019 rankings the Padova Beach qualified, the Crazy Crabs and the Iulii Forum. For the women’s movement, instead, there will be the Italian champions of the Sabbiette and the Ricce del Villorba. France, on the other hand, will be represented by four teams: for the men’s tournament there will be the European champions in charge of Ovale Beach Marseille and the vice champions of I Minots, while for the girls the title will be played Marseille and Blagnac Maouka . Portugal will be represented in the men’s field by the CDUL and the RC Sao Miguel, while in the women’s category there will be the Pinguinas Burgos, the girls from the Agraria and the Sport Rugby. Let’s not forget the South Africans of the Wild Dogs, the Spaniards of the Barbarians and the Dutch of the Oemoemenoe. Great expectations, then, for women for the Austrian Danube Pirates, for the Spanish Costa Blanca Alicante and for the Dutch Haagsche R.C.

Great news also for the EBRA calendar, which will give space to two new stages: the Hungarian event on Lake Balaton and the Italian event in Alba Adriatica (Teramo) will be added to the EBRA Series 2020 circuit.

<< I think that the 2020 event will be a very high level tournament – commented Lionel Laugier, EBRA president – I expect great things from all the teams and the series that await us will be increasingly global and structured >>.

<< For my part there is great pride in having brought the continental final back to Lignano Sabbiadoro – commented Giancarlo Stocco, organizer of the event in Lignano – we are already working to guarantee a two days of great beach rugby >>.

Below is the calendar and the teams admitted to E.B.R.A. Master Finale Series 2020;

Balaton Lake           Hungary       13 – 14 june (patronize)

North Sea                 Holland         20 – 21 june – Series

Porto                         Portugal       27 – 28 june- Series

Alba Adriatica         Italy                04 – 05  july- Series

Barcelona                Spain             11 – 12 july- Series

Marseille                   France          18 – 19 july- Series

Lignano Sabbiadoro        Italy    25 – 26 july – Master Final


E.B.R.A. Master Finale Series 2020 – MALE TORUNAMENT

WINNER Champion Master Final 2019                 Ovale Beach (F)
WINNER North Sea Beach Rugby                           2°Les Minots (F)
WINNER Porto Beach Rugby Cup                           CDUL (P)
WINNER South Beach Rugby Marseille                 4° SA Wild Dogs (SAF)
WINNER Lignano Super Beach 5S                          2° Padova Beach (I)
WINNER ITALIAN CHAMPIONSHIP                         Belli Dentro (I)
WINNER SPAIN CHAMPIONSHIP                            H2 Barbarians (E)
WINNER DUTCH CHAMPIONSHIP.                         Oemoemenoe (NL)
WILD CARD 1 EBRA SERIES                                     6° Curaçao (CUR)
WILD CARD 2 EBRA SERIES                                     9°Forum Iulii (I)
WILD CARD 3 EBRA SERIES                                     10°Crazy Crabs (I)

E.B.R.A. Master Finale Series 2020 – FEMALE TORUNAMENT

WINNER Champion Master Final 2019                  Sport Rugby (P)
WINNER North Sea Beach Rugby                           3° Ovale Beach (F)
WINNER Porto Beach Rugby Cup                           Pinguinas Burgos (P)
WINNER South Beach Rugby Marseille                 Blagnac Maouka (F)
WINNER Lignano Super Beach 5S                          Ricce Villorba (I)
WINNER ITALIAN CHAMPIONSHIP                         Sabbie Mobili (I)
WINNER SPAIN CHAMPIONSHIP                            Costa Blanca Alicante (E)
WINNER DUTCH CHAMPIONSHIP.                         Haagsche R.C.(NL)
WILD CARD 1 EBRA SERIES                                      8° Danube Pirates (A)