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Everything is ready for the second stage of the EBRA Series: Porto

Concluding the first weekend of Bech Rugby branded EBRA is already time to think about the second stage: Porto will be the absolute protagonist. << We are very happy to have taken this path together with the EBRA – European beach Rugby Association – comments Nuno Gramaxo, organizer of the beach rugby stage in Porto – we are working hard to keep our tournament as one of the most important in Europe. Beach Rugby is an engaging, entertaining discipline that deserves a certain type of stage and it is my intention, together with the work team that accompanies me, to always try to improve ourselves >>. The Russian domination in the Netherlands was really impressive, but already from Porto you will be able to see many other oval realities at work that want to see in Europe and demonstrate on the field that they are worth the transition to the 2020 finals.

The Barcelona’s tournament is suspended from the Ebra Series 2019

Après avoir attendu un nouveau mois pour permettre à la société 2 Hooker d’effectuer le paiement dû de sa cotisation annuelle, de répondre aux demandes de l’EBRA pour la nouvelle saison et d’assurer le niveau de qualité organisationnelle requis pour 2019, le président Lionel Laugier, appuyé par toutes les composantes des membres et du conseil d’administration de l’EBRA, malgré toute sa bonne volonté pour trouver une issue favorable, elle a dû se résigner à formaliser l’exclusion de la manifestation de Barcelone de l’EBRA SERIE 2019.

“C’est une journée vraiment amère aujourd’hui – commente Lionel Laugier – Exclure un événement ne me plaît pas. Depuis des mois, avec Mario Copetti, nous essayons de trouver un point de rencontre. Nous ne recevons que des attaques, des critiques et des absences lors des assemblées ou 2 HOOKER a été convoqué. L’E.B.R.A. doit garantir aux équipes participantes au circuit 2019, la qualité et la liberté dans les choix personnels et doit écouter en tenant compte de toutes les critiques des différentes équipes. Nous devions choisir entre tomber dans une nouvelle controverse comme par le passé ou opérer un changement. Rien n’est fermé à Barcelone et à son représentant Mario Copetti. Il a été invité à se présenter à l’Assemblée générale de Porto le 23 mars prochain pour des éclaircissements et pour reconstruire une relation qui se détériorait. L’avenir est entre ses mains. L’E.B.R.A. a clarifié ses lignes directrices et le respect de l’institution. La collaboration et les critiques constructives sont les bienvenues. Les projets isolés et les polémiques sont laissés à l’extérieur par l’E.B.R.A. N’ayant pas encore reçu les noms et adresses (obligatoires en septembre 2018) des équipes qui se seraient inscrites à Barcelone, il appartiendra à Mario Copetti d’avertir ces dernières.


Despite our good will in recent months and granting yet another one month’s delay to Company 2 Hooker , which organizes the tournament in Barcelona, to make the payment of the annual fee and not adequately respond to requests from the EBRA for the new season and the required level of organizational quality for 2019, President Lionel Laugier, supported and agreed by all parts of the EBRA Assembly , has to formalize the exclusion of the tournament of Barcelona for the EBRA Series 2019. “It is really a sad day today – said Laugier – Excluding an event is not pleasant. With Mario Copetti, we have spent months trying to compare and find solutions. Unfortunately, we have only received attacks, criticisms and absences at the meetings called for. E.B.R.A. must guarantee the teams participating in the series quality and freedom in personal choices and must listen to all the criticisms of the different teams. We had to choose between a new controversy as in the past or a change. EBRA keeps the conversation going and has invited Mario Copetti to the General Assembly in Porto on March 23. This to see if there are still opportunities for further cooperation. The future is in his hands. E.B.R.A. has clarified his guideline and respect for the organisation. Cooperation and constructive criticism are welcome; free isolated projects and polemics are not tolerated by E.B.R.A.. Since the names and addresses (was already requested in September 2018 and is an obligation) of the teams that would have registered in Barcelona have not yet been received, it is up to Mario Copetti to warn everyone and he and his company 2Hooker bear full responsibility.

EBRA Series 2019: dates and locations of 2019’s

Everything is ready for the EBRA Series 2019: after the extraordinary EBRA assembly, held last weekend in Marseille, here is the official calendar of the European championship for Beach Rugby club. The stages involved will still be Lignano Sabbiadoro, Marseille, The Hague (Holland), Porto, Barcelona, ​​while the final will take place in Figueira da Foz (Portugal). “The meeting in Marseille was very interesting and constructive – commented Lionel Laugier, president of the European Beach Rugby Association – we discussed many points related to our movement and we agreed on many decisions that, little by little, we will reveal . Will there be news in 2019? Certainly. The first is that the final will be held in Figueira, one of the European poles of Beach Rugby. While there is great expectation for other innovations related to the communication of the tournament, but those will be revealed in due time >>. The SERIES organizing machine started up and, after the Marseilles meeting, the climate between the organizers of the various tournaments is certainly very positive and there is the awareness of having to promote the EBRA brand more and more. << The final Portugal should be the pride of our 2019, as well as the promotion of the EBRA Series - continues Giancarlo Stocco, responsible for communication for the series of beach rugby - I would be very happy, then, to see the Italians Crazy Crubs try to run for the European title, After Pessimi and Maccarese would be a great satisfaction to see other Italians on the roof of Europe >>.

15-16 of June NORTH SEA BEACH RUGBY The Hague HolLand
22-23 of June PORTO Portogallo