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EBRA Series: the point of the situation after the French stage

Also the third stage of the EBRA Series, Marseille, was played and for this summer 2019 the guidelines that will lead to the Figueira finals are taking shape. Russia, with its organized way of playing is concrete, has shown on the field to be perhaps the strongest formation of this circuit, at the same time the Minots have given him a hard time, both in the Hague and in Marseille , without being able to beat them. The European champions in charge, the Ovale Beach Marsiglia, are experiencing a year of transition, even if their level of play remains among the highest of the Series. The South Africans Wild Dogs have convinced for play, structure and speed. What awaits us then in this end of season EBRA? Certainly the Padova Beach and the Italian champions in charge of the Crazy Crabs, already from the stage of Lignano, will want to be protagonists and thus raise the general level; without forgetting the other Italian team that will participate in Lignano 2019, the Monsters: young team and very strong ball in hand. It will be two weeks of fun and great beach rugby, that’s for sure. << I expect great things from this season finale – commented Lionel Laugier, president of EBRA – so many teams can compete for the final title and this is an aspect that is good for the whole movement. We all continue to work like this and the results, like the awards for the work we are doing, I’m sure will come. Although it is satisfying for us to see so many teams fighting for the final title >>. Even in the women’s tournament, Russia was the host, even though Marseille, Blagnac Maouka and Sport Porto performed well at high levels throughout the tournament.

Why choose to participate in the EBRA Series?

The EBRA (European Beach Rugby Association) Series represent the most structured and famous circuit for club teams or “invitation” in Europe. In over 10 years of activity in the old continent they have been able to convey many athletes and teams from much of the world to some of the most beautiful and engaging beaches in Europe. If the beach of Lignano Sabbiadoro is where everything was born, with the passing of the years the one of Marseilles, those of Figueira and Porto in Portugal, that of the Hague in Holland, without forgetting Barcelona, ​​London and some realities that made their European appearance, but they did not know how to hold the event. Yes, because these EBRA Series gather in the field the best of 5-player Beach Rugby, but also the outline and therefore parties, promotional activities, such as institutional appearances make the events complete and demanding at 360 °. Returning to sport, let’s not forget the level that this event has acquired over the years: very high. There are teams that have become real “elites” of the discipline and guarantee an incredible show in the various races on the beach. EBRA Series beach rugby is fast, engaging and spectacular. It introduces you to some of the most beautiful cities in Europe and puts you in touch with teams and companies from all over the world. Sportively speaking, it allows you to enrich your technical background and, consequently, highlight yourself in a representative national way. What do you want more? Just click here on our website or on the one of the various tournaments around Europe of the Beach Rugby.

The Hague

Discover The Hague

The Hague is a vibrant city on the coast of the Netherlands and is a historical but also modern place with a lot of museums. The Mauritshuis is famous for its old masters such as Vermeer and Rembrandt. And the beautiful Municipal Museum (Gemeente Museum), built by Berlage, has Mondriaan’s largest collection in the world. A visit to the Escher museum is also a must. The Dutch parliament has long been based in The Hague and is centred around the parliamentary buildings near the Binnenhof. The Noordeinde Palace fulfils an important function in receptions by the Royal Family and Huis ten Bosch is the palace of the royal family. With the Peace Palace as its centre, The Hague is also the international city of peace and justice.

Dutch most famous seaside resort Scheveningen (where the North Sea Beach Rugby event is at The Hague Beach Stadium) has an abundance of attractions and beach pavilions. Take a stroll along the most beautiful boulevard Netherlands, go out for dinner in the harbor of Scheveningen or enjoy a sunset.
Beach life and city life go together in The Hague! The Hague’s bustling downtown area has far more to offer than thethe earlier mentioned landmarks Boutiques, cafes, concert and dance venues, galleries, flagship stores and restaurants offer something to everyone who loves culture, shopping and nightlife.
The Hague is great for shopping. The shopping centre around the Spuistraat and Grote Marktstraat is open seven days a week and is very popular. Just a short distance away from this well-trodden part of the city centre and its recognisable fashion brands lies an unexpected side to The Hague: the old, atmospheric Hofkwartier houses original, trendy shops.
Known in The Hague is also the theme park Madurodam, a city full of miniatures and attractions, so you can learn where the Netherlands is great at.
The Hague has always been closely connected with the former Dutch East Indies, today’s Indonesia. A good Indonesian restaurant is Keraton Damia (Groot Hertoginnenlaan 57, The Hague). But of course there are also other delicious cuisines such as the Japanese restaurant Set Genki (Schoolstraat 4, The Hague). And there are two restaurants with a Michelin star. Restaurant Calla’s (Laan van Roos and Doorn 51a) and restaurant Niven (Delftweg 58a Rijswijk) which has a Michelin star for 11 years.
For more information about The Hague and all possibilities visit www.denhaag.com/en