The EBRA Series

The EBRA Series are a circuit of Beach Fives’ tournaments, taking place in wonderful seasides all over Europe.

Beach Fives requires a lot of dedication by the athletes: EBRA believes it’s important to create a good balance between competition and relaxation, so athletes can perform optimally throughout the tournament and practice their favourite sport in the right way, positively bringing Beach Rugby to the attention of spectators.

In all EBRA Series‘ tournaments you’ll find quality teams, well trained referees, accurate organization and great enjoyment, both for players and spectators.

Nowadays, EBRA Serie’s tournaments are:

Alba Adriatica Beach Rugby

Alba Adriatica (I)

Lignano Super Beach Fives

Lignano Sabbiadoro (I)

South Beach Rugby France

Marseille (F)

Balaton Lake Beach Rugby

Vonyarcvashegy (HU)

North Sea Beach Rugby

The Hague (NL)

Costa Blanca Beach Rugby

Benidorm (E)

Barcelona Beach Rugby 5S

Barcelona (E)

Porto Beach Rugby

Porto (P)

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EBRA encourage teams to participate in multiple tournaments of the Series: the more tournaments a team participates in, the more opportunities they have to win points and move up the ranking.

The ultimate challenge is to win the EBRA Series’ Master Final. Teams qualify for the Master Final depending on the results gained in the Series and in the National Championships of the previous season.

Qualified teams are:

  • Winner of the last Master Final
  • Winner of the last North Sea Beach Rugby
  • Winner of the last Porto Beach Rugby
  • Winner of the last South Beach Rugby Marseille
  • Winner of the last Lignano Super Beach 5S
  • Winner of the last Figueira da Foz Beach Rugby
  • Last Italian Champion
  • Last Spanish Champion
  • Last Dutch Champion
  • Last Portuguese Champion
  • Wild Cards based on previous season’s EBRA’s ranking

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The mission of European Beach Rugby Association (EBRA) and its members is to work together, in a coordinated and cohesive manner, to promote and drive the further development of competitive Beach 5S Rugby in the European Continent [ more]

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