Over the past few months, the EBRA – European Beach Rugby Association organizational machine has been working constantly to try to keep interest high around the beach rugby world. This is how the #WEAREBEACHRUGBY project was born, which involves the development of a series of video interviews with all the organizers of the stages of the EBRA Series and those who over the years have always been very close to the world of European beach rugby. All will be broadcast on the channels of beachrugbychannel.com, beach-rugby.eu and on the websites of the member organizations of EBRA – European Beach Rugby Association.

“THE BEACH RUGBY HISTORY” will tell the story of beach rugby in Europe, the people and their roles, organizations, teams and curiosities that revolve around the ever intense world of this oval discipline.

The weekly episodes will be online from Monday 6 May.

<< Seeing rugby played further and further due to this virus – comments Lionel Laugier, president of EBRA – we could not stand still and so we decided to structure this series of videos / interviews to tell the past, strengthen the present and think to the future with great positivity. Other, then, are the communication projects at stake, but for the moment we want to reveal this beginning. The certainty is that during this summer we will keep you company constantly talking a lot about the fantastic world of Beach Rugby >>.