After two rounds of play (Porto and The Hague) from the EBRA (European Beach Rugby Association) Series, the enthusiasm of the youth for Beach Rugby Fives is striking. The first teams like the Dutch Barbarians, Porto and SMUC (Marseille) already travel through Europe to play against each other. This is in line with the philosophy of the EBRA to further develop Beach Rugby and to create a good basis for the future of the sport. Beach Rugby Fives is characterized by speed, technique, strength and excitement. Characteristics that appeal to the young players, parents and the public.
The EBRA Series are an excellent opportunity for the youth to get interesting social contacts and great experiences. Things they can use in their further development. And the EBRA supports a healthy lifestyle through sports. A way of life that already starts with young people and has a positive influence on, among other things, obesity and life expectancy.
All in all, the EBRA is pleased that the youth Beach Rugby FIves has taken the first steps towards becoming a full part of the EBRA Series.
The finals of the youth are in Figueira da Foz in Portugal during the Master Finals of the EBRA Series on 20 and 21 July 2019.