Get To Know …. Figueira Beach Rugby International

1. Hi Rui! Only with 7 years on its belt Figueira Beach Rugby International is already one of the largest Beach Rugby Festival in Europe, with more than 60 teams attending the event. What´s behind this numbers?

R: We started the project in 2010 with the vision of creating one of the world´s best Beach Rugby Tournaments. We really aimed for it. Even though the first two years, weren´t so successful. However we never gave up, because we knew we were doing it right. The mix of competitive beach rugby and social party, alongside a very professional approach, in my opinion are the ingredients for the success.

2. What the expectation for 2018?

R: Well… When things go well, usually people don´t think about changing what is already good. But we really want to surprise everyone who visit us in Figueira.We can not reveal too much but are looking to create an even better atmosphere around the pitches, while improving areas like refereeing and athletes comfort.

3. How do you see the Future of Beach5s?

R: The Future of Beach5s can only be bright! Bech 5s is the best experience a rugby fan can ask for. It´s like condensing the best what Rugby has to offer in 10 minutes of pure action, on the beach, enjoying the sun!! Can´t ask for more….

Get To Know … British Beach Rugby

1. Hi Guys ! 2018 will be the first year of BRR as an official EBRA Series Tournament! What are your expectations?

We hope that becoming an offical EBRA series tournament will help us achieve our mission of establishing a world class sporting event that will drive awareness and participation of Beach Rugby 5s in the UK as well as creating a fun and entertaining experience for spectators.

Specifically, we hope EBRA will help to create more awareness of Beach Rugby 5s in Europe and the UK as well as help us to attract the most talented men’s and women’s teams on the EBRA circuit.

We couldn’t have asked for a more successful pilot event but in 2018 we want to make it bigger & better!

2. Beach 5s seems to be still fairly unknown amongst the UK Rugby scene. Do you think your organization can take the lead of the sport in the region? Is there any sport development program in place?

We our confident BBR will be the flagship Beach Rugby 5s event in the UK and through this event we can lead the development of this new and exciting sport in the UK.

It’s not just about creating an event to host the best men’s and women’s teams in Europe, but it’s also incredibly important to us to develop Beach Rugby 5s talent in the UK. This year for example, we will be holding some Beach Rugby 5s “taster sessions” for both children and adults which we hope will develop into clubs. In the future we’d like to create a local UK federation with our own UK series.

With almost 2 million registered rugby players in the UK we know we can capitalise on this passion for traditional rugby to make Beach 5s the next big sport. This year there has been a multimillion pound investment into womens rugby establishing the 1st professional league which we are confident will have a positive impact on our womens tournament.

Our biggest challenge has been the lack of awareness of the sport but we are already seeing a massive difference since the pilot event. The increase in the number of teams now proactively contacting us to particpate in BBR 2018 has been remarkable.

3. What can the teams expect by participating in British Beach Rugby 2018?

I’d say “Come and experience what it means to play in the home of rugby!”

Building on the success of our pilot event, participating teams can expect a high standard of mens and womens competition including last years mens champions the Pacific Islanders, last years womens champions the Honey Bears as well as the legendary Flair Bears.

We have some fantastic sponsors that will help us create a fun and “festival style” tournament including a variety of delicious food and drink to keep you fuelled and our resident MC Huggy to guide you through the days events.

BBR is concluded by a prizegiving and closing ceremony beach party. Celebrate all your achievements with a Ministry of Sound DJ pumping out the best summer tunes as the sun sets over the award winning Bournemouth beach.

Could your team be the first British Beach Rugby champion?? Please email us on


Get To Know … Barcelona Beach Rugby

1. Hi Mario ! 2018 will be the fourth year of Barcelona Beach Rugby in the EBRA Series. How do you see the development of the tournament over the years?

Well, small correction, this is our fifth anniversary, we started our adventure in June 2014.
The tournament has been consolidating little by little.
After the last edition, in which we had enough problems with the Barcelona City Council, we have managed to establish a relationship with another Barcelona City Council.
At the beginning of the year, we can officially launch the location and the signed agreement.
This year for us is a very important year.
We are ready to organize the EBRA Final Master in 2019, for this reason we are preparing a GREAT TOURNAMENT.
With surprises, improvements and many things for the teams and the public to live a great experience.

2. Last year you had to move the event to another location. For 2018 are you planning to held the event in Barcelona or in some other place?

As I have said, we are currently in talks with the Barcelona City Council, BAdalona and Gavá Mar.
Our idea is to sign an agreement with whom we guarantee a minimum of 5 years of permanence.
In the case of Barcelona, the upcoming elections of December 21 can mark our return to the city.
Badalona, was the location where the tournament was held in 2017.
This City Council has proposed to help us with the ARENA SILICE theme (big problem in the last edition).
On the other hand Gavá Mar offers us a very good beach and location.

3. What the teams can expect by participating in the Barcelona Beach Rugby 2018?

Well, especially a very comfortable location, both in the rest area between games, exclusive area of players, recovery area (physiotherapists, water area, VIP special players and some surprise to entertain the waiting time).
They will also find a new concept of Todo Incúyre, where the teams will not have to worry about anything more than playing and enjoying the final Tournament of the Fiesta.
At the level of competition, we are closing a panel of high-level teams.

Get To Know … Lignano Beach Rugby

  1. Hi Giancarlo! Lignano Beach Rugby is celebrating in 2018 its 25th edition. What is the feeling after 20 years, seeing the tournament as the most iconic Beach 5s event?

R: 25 years is alot. It all started for fun. The success of the event, the request of the teams to come to Lignano, the attention of the regional and then national media, made me start this long journey.
Many people joined me in this jouney, and everyone gave their important contribution. If Lignano arrives at the 25 year mark, it is thanks to them too.
I do not forget the historic teams that have come to Lignano for many years. The battles in the beach arena that made the event important.
It’s a mix of commitment to improve, and to understand how to satisfy those who come to play in Beach Arena. It is certainly a great pride to lead this event and all the people working in the staff team.

2. Tells us a little about the 25th edition that happens to be also the EBRA Master Finals. Is your organization preparing something special?

R: We have many ideas and we are trying to put them in order. We must understand whether to try to have a striking manifestation, or a manifestation of participation. Share 25 years of emotions with all those who have traveled our way.
Surely we want to live up to a European Final Master.

3. Beach 5s seems to be reaching more and more popularity around the world. Are we witnessing a new era in the sport?

R: When you start a new adventure, many look at you like a dreamer. When you persevere in your project, many believe that you waste time. But when your work is successful, when your work group is recognized as serious, when the dream becomes reality, then many want to be by your side. Others want to do the same. In Europe the Federations have realized the importance of beach rugby: show, communication, advertising for rugby, possibility to enter the Olympic Games. Now everyone wants beach rugby. Now everyone is a beach rugby organizer. But few are really.
Yes, a new era has begun in sport. After beach volleyball and beach soccer, the show for the public is beach rugby. The future has begun!!

Get To Know… North Sea Beach Rugby

We traveled to the Shores of the North Sea to meet with Kasper Bleijenberg one of the guys behind the amazing North Sea Beach Rugby Tournament!

1. Hi Kasper! 2018 will be the second year of NSBR in the EBRA Series. What are the organization expectations for this tournament´s 2nd edition?

2018 will be our third edition and the second official in the EBRA circuit. 2018 will also be an important year for us by, among other things, the official recognition of the Dutch Rugby Federation. Furthermore, we are expanding the tournament besides adult teams with youth because we think that the youth is the future for Beach Fives Rugby. Both for the Netherlands and the other countries within the EBRA. Our dream is to bring the Beach Fives Rugby to the attention of the Dutch teams has gained momentum through the ability of the Dutch Rugby Federation to organize an official Dutch Championship. The municipality of The Hague fully supports this initiative. The Hague is becoming the Beach Sport city of Europe and our tournament North Sea Beach Rugby fits in perfectly. Both The Hague and the Dutch Rugby Union consider Beach Fives Rugby and our tournament as an important stimulator for rugby and the accompanying social values.

2. There is any development program for Beach 5s in Holland for the next years?

Foundation North Sea Beach Rugby is recognized as the official provider of Beach Fives Rugby. This allows us to promote the sport with the support of the Dutch Rugby Federation through clinics, referees courses and so on. Because of the good basis, partly due to the support of the EBRA, we can grow into a large and professional tournament both in the Netherlands and abroad and hopefully serve as an example for other tournaments.

3. What the teams can expect by participating in the North Sea Beach Rugby 2018 ?

With the experiences of our organization over the past years, the participating teams can expect in 2018 a professional tournament that meets the highest standards of both the EBRA and the Dutch Rugby Union. North Sea Beach Rugby believes it is important to create a good balance between sports and relaxation, so athletes can perform optimally throughout the tournament and practice the sport in the right way, positively bringing Beach Rugby to the attention of spectators.

The excellent, modern facilities of the stadium are aimed at players and spectators to feel at home. And of course The Hague is the city that welcomes athletes and will do everything to help North Sea Beach Rugby to set up again a top event.


Je suis un nouveau président comblé pour ma première année à la tête de l’EBRA et comme mon sage modèle Nelson Mandela le disait : Je ne perds jamais, soit je gagne, soit j’apprends.

Pour ce cru 2017, nous n’avons aucunes défections de tournoi, aucun gros disfonctionnement, toutes les étapes se sont déroulées avec plus ou moins de succès !
Le British Beach Rugby de notre Ami Barty Hill a ouvert le bal pour le lancement de la saison avec sérieux et professionnalisme pour une première édition qui nous le souhaitons fera parti du circuit Européen de Beach Rugby l’an prochain.

Pour le premier tournoi de l’EBRA Series North Sea Beach Rugby de notre Ami Kasper a tenu toutes ses promesses d’organisation sportives et structurelles.
L’étape de Figueira da Foz, de mon fidèle Rui Loureiro commence à être une belle référence Européenne d’organisation et d’ambiance esprit Beach Rugby festif.
Les frères Copetti ont connu quelques mésaventures en étant obligé de déménager leur événement sur une autre ville proche de Barcelone quelques temps avant la date du début de leur tournoi.

Lignano de mon frère d’arme , Giancarlo Stocco a lui aussi connu les mésaventures d’une réduction drastique de ses finances et des sponsors. Malgré tout il a su organiser une excellente 24ème édition de très grande qualité.
Pour la première fois depuis sa création la finale avait lieu hors du berceau Italien de Lignano Sabbiadoro et avec notre équipe Ovale Beach Marseille nous avons eu l’honneur d’accueillir à Marseille les Master Finals EBRA Series 2017.
Une belle réussite d’organisation d’une belle qualité sportive qui a vu le sacre de deux équipes françaises en finale. Pour le tournoi féminin se fût les Dolphins Sete de mon Ami Christian Bages remportant à titre personnel son 4ème titre Européen. Pour le titre homme attribué à l’équipe des Minots, invité de dernière minute, j’ai pris, en tant que Président de l’EBRA et organisateur de l’événement Marseillais, une décision partiale au détriment de ma propre équipe Ovale Beach Marseille que j’ai spolié d’un quatrième titre Européen.
En donnant ce titre à l’équipe des Minots qui a remporté le tournoi EBRA final de Marseille, je n’ai pas souhaité porter écoute à des recours sur telles irrégularités arbitrales ou le décompte de points sur le classement final dû à des joueurs ayant participé à une ou plusieurs étapes avec d’autres equipes. Ces règles sont prévus dans le règlement de notre organisation et surtout connu de tous.
Ces finales étaient magnifiques et nous avons offert dignement ce titre garçon à cette équipe dans l’intérêt général de notre organisation et pour faire taire une fois pour toute les colporteurs de messages inutiles qui ne vont pas dans sens philosophique de la construction de notre sport et de notre organisation.
Confusus disait : Lorsque le sage montre la lune, l’idiot regarde le doigt !

Depuis l’édition 2016 toutes les étapes sont ouvertes et toutes les équipes peuvent s’inscrire sans restriction, dans la limite des places disponible. Le grand gagnant restera notre discipline le Beach Rugby Five à plaquer avec l’EBRA et j’en suis le plus heureux.
L’EBRA vient de clôturer le weekend passé sa saison avec les deux dernières organisations que sont pour le développement du Beach Rugby Five dans les Caraïbes le Cayman Beach Rugby et en observation pour l’EBRA Series 2018 l’organisation grecque du Beach Rugby Kavala.

Nous avons mis en place pour cette édition un responsable des arbitres en la personne de Dave Drudy qui a participé à toutes les organisations pour superviser et informer les arbitres de l’EBRA Series aux règles spécifiques du Beach Rugby Five à plaquer.

D’ailleurs un grand merci à tous les arbitres qui se sont impliqués bénévolement lors des différentes étapes. Guillaume Borenzstejn en tant que référent disciplinaire n’avait pas
obligation à être sur chacun des tournois mais a souhaité en faire le plus possible en fonction de ses contraintes personnelles et m’a accompagné du premier au dernier tournoi en laissant seulement pour raison familiale d’étape Portugaise aux mains de son organisateur.
Malgré les difficultés de sa vie professionnelle ainsi que celles son organisation de Lignano Sabbiadoro et de sérieux problèmes physiques notre président fondateur de l’EBRA, mon veritable Ami Giancarlo Stocco a été encore une fois plus que jamais cette année à mes côtés. Rui Loureiro a tenu de main de maître le secrétariat général et professionnellement le
site internet avec notre page facebook.
Au fil de l’été de nouveaux soutiens ont vu le jour et un d’entre eux en la personne de Kasper Bleijenberg sera sans nul doute à l’avenir une personne importante pour l’évolution de l’EBRA de demain.

J’aime bien cette citation de Victor Hugo que j’ai reprise lors de mon élection à la présidence lors de l’assemblée générale de Marseille : ” Si tu as décidé de vivre alors tu as décidé de te battre ! ”

J’ai pris un énorme plaisir à être avec vous tous pour cette saison 2017 qui s’achève et j’assume toute les décisions prises quelles soient bonnes ou moins bonnes !
Bon été et rendez vous à début Marseille en octobre pour l’assemblée générale Amitiés Rugbystiques

Lionel Laugier

EBRA President

Kavala Beach Rugby History

When I joined the rugby club of Kavala in 2014 one of my teammates came up with an idea to organize a beach rugby tournament to bring new blood to the club and introduce the sport to the people of Kavala. Then, he showed us a promo video of the London Beach Rugby tournament 2013 and he asked if we could do something similar. ‘’Yes, we can’’!

At the Kavala Beach Rugby Tournament 2015, we set out to bring all the Greek rugby clubs, union and league, together alongside clubs from abroad to give the tournament an international vibe. In the end, we managed to gather 8 rugby union clubs from Greece and 2 from Romania, with 2 of them being women’s clubs.

In next year’s tournament, we had an enormous increase of interest resulting in the participation of a total of 18 clubs.  To be more specific, we had 3 clubs from Romania, 2 from Bulgaria and 13 union and league clubs from Greece. Again 2 of the clubs were women’s.

This brings us to this year’s tournament. In 2017, we decided to join the EBRA beach 5’s series to make our tournament bigger, better and known to the rest of Europe.

If we can mark 2 milestones, for the progression of the sport of rugby in Greece it would be the year 1977 when the first Greek rugby club was founded (Dalton’s) and the introduction of beach rugby to Greece from our very own club of A.O. Kavala.

Something that we are very proud of!

Words by Vaggelis Fountoukos, Tournament Organizer

Know More About This Tournament here :


Curacau Islands – Beach 5s are Going Viral!!!

1. What is the importance of beach rugby in places like Curaçau Islands?
R:  Beach Rugby is very important for the small Islands, because we do not have enough players to have a regular 15-a-side competition with 8-10 teams. With 5-a-side Beach Rugby it is far more easier to have a competition, because you only need 1/3 to have the same result.
For Curaçao it is even more important, because Curaçao is a vulcanic Island we do not have pitches with natural gras, only artifical and not suitable for rugby. That leaves the beaches, which we have enough.
2. We know there is a rugby beach tournament on Curaçau Island. Tell us a little about this tournament.
R:  June 10 and 11, we will organise our first International Beach Rugby Tournament.
Already clubs and National Teams from Trinidad & Tobago, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Colombia, Sint Vincent & the Grenadins, Aruba, British Virgin Islands but also from England, Wales, The Netherlands and Germany have already inscribed.
It will be a 2 days tournament with a lot of rugby, but also with big parties, which encludes a free bbq sunday for all the participants.
3. Can we count on the presence of a Curaçao team in Europe in 2017?
R:  Curaçao, as Champignon of the Caribbean, will come for the second year in a row to Europe to play along in the European Beach Rugby Competition. We have discussions with our main sponsors to see how may games we can participate, but we aim for at least 3, Scheveningen, Figueira and Barcelona, but hope raise money for more.
4. Any plans to join EBRA in the near future?
R: The Curaçao Rugby Federation works very close together with North Sea Beach Rugby, but wants to become a member of the EBRA in the future if that is possible.
5. In your opinion, what is the future of beach rugby at a global level?
R: My believe is, that within the total world of rugby, Beach Rugby will be the fast growing one.
It is quick, short playing time so many different matches, easy to understand, so nice to watch.
Also I think Beach Rugby will become Olympic within 12 years.
beach poster final 2 (1)

EBRA Welcomes Kavala Beach Rugby as New Member

1.What is the actual reality of Beach Rugby 5s in the Greek Islands?

R: Curiously enough, given the vast coastline with literally thousands of islands, Beach Rugby and beach sports in general are not very popular in Greece. Football and Basketball are kings here. The state of the Beach Rugby scene on the islands and the coastal cities is on its early stages with amateur clubs springing left and right but without a professional league or any major tournament or event to gather them all and promote the sport effectively. Nevertheless, the ground is fertile for introducing Beach Rugby as an alternative to beach volleyball and beach tennis which are the most popular beach sports in Greece.

2.Being a recent member of the European Beach Rugby Associations, what your expectations are regarding the future of beach Rugby 5s in Kavala?

R:  Our expectations are great indeed! We plan to establish a yearly tournament with participants from all of Europe to promote the sport we love! We hope that with the experience we accumulate with this year’s tournament we ‘ll expand and elevate the quality of future tournaments enough so that it becomes (in 2 to 3 years) a major sports event for the whole of Greece or maybe Europe as well.
3. How can the Kavala Beach Rugby Tournament help to develop the sport?

R: Greece is generally a virgin land when it comes to Beach Rugby. A major tournament that will gather most of the major Greek teams together with more experienced and ‘’seasoned’’ teams from the rest of Europe will work wonders for the sport. It will be a great introduction of the game to Greece and the rest of Balkans. It’s an opportunity for young men and women to witness a unique spectacle and maybe consider picking up on it.

Finally, Kavala is a tourist destination for the people of the Balkans, Turkey and Russia. An event like that will grab the attention of a lot of people in the area. The outcome can only be positive.

4. Why should teams consider travelling to the Kavala Beach Rugby Tournament? How is the venue where the tournament will be held?

R: Summer in Greece, is there anything else to say really? Kavala is a 27 centuries old city with monuments dating from the era of Alexander the Great to the Romans to the Byzantines to the Ottoman Empire.

Its built in an amphitheatrical way on a coastal hill and often referred to as the Monaco of Greece.

It has kilometers of clear blue waters with sandy beaches and a vibrant nightlife. Additionally the island of Thasos, a major tourist destination, is just two hours away by boat.

The tournament will be held in the center of the city by the sea in an area teaming with life in the summer months.
5. In your opinion, how will be the future of Beach Rugby 5s worldwide?

R: Judging by the state of the planet in fifty maybe a hundred years from now there will only be summer! The future of beach rugby and beach sports in general looks bright indeed!

But seriously now, it is up to us the beach rugby lovers to define the future of the sport. Quality events and tournaments should provide a healthy increase in popularity especially in more ‘’sunny’’ places like Latin America or southern Europe.

As long as there is summer, beach rugby will always have its place.





Get to Know BCN Beach 5s

1. Mario, Barcelona Beach 5s is a tournament which has joined the EBRA Series in 2014. Since then not just the Tournament has grown as well the Beach 5s in Catalunya. How is the state of Beach 5s in Catalunya and Spain?

In Catalonia last year was organized the First Official Circuit of Beach 5s. It has had very good acceptance, before the end of the year will be held the organizational meeting of the Circuit de Catalunya 2017. As a novelty we will have two new venues that will complete an entire summer of Beach 5s.The participating teams have been very satisfied with this modality. At the level of Spain, we are in talks with two cities to organize a national circuit. There are already three events of these characteristics although they do not reflect in two of the cases the concept EBRA, are two tournaments that prioritize the fiseta more than the rugby. That is why we are in talks with federations to include these events in the official calendar. In the same sense, we have opened talks with the Spanish Rugby Federation, but this issue will be slower.

2. Tell us a bit more about tournament and the 2017 edition. What can we expect from Barcelona Beach 5s?

Well, despite the problem of the date change, we hope to take a step forward in the organizational and quality level of our Tournament:.The city of Barcelona is a good claim, and although the institutions have put us many problems, we have been able to negotiate improvements in the costs of Hotels for the participating teams. We increased the Prize for the winners and we will make a change of location. We are currently shuffling and negotiating two locations. If the one we have proposed as the first possibility will grant us, the Tournament will give a Great Leap of Quality. As for the sport, we expect to reach 24 teams men and 9 women, although we will settle for 20 men and 8 women.

3. What you think will be the future of Beach Rugby 5s?

We are in a crucial moment of EBRA, the incorporation of Holland and possibly in 2018 of England, offers us an interesting showcase for the brands that want to bet on this modality of Rugby.

I hope that EBRA knows how to understand that its future goes through a professionalization of its tournaments and the Circuit. This point is important for brands to look at us and want to invest. The measures taken so far have already put us in the way, now it will depend on that we can handle this among all. The situation you have now in EBRA will make it possible for everything to be faster. Some steps have already been taken in this respect at the last Assembly. Now it is about learning that not always what is good for one is good for EBRA. This year is a decisive year to mark the EBRA growth line. We will also have to take advantage of the fact that in Moscow there will be a European Championship of National Teams. I think we lost the opportunity for EBRA to organize it. Now, however, we must be able to take advantage of this situation. EBRA, must carry out political movements of high level, on which the growth of our project will depend.

But I am convinced that for the Beach 5s movement come very interesting years.