E.B.R.A. disembarks on Australian beaches but cancels Barcelona

E.B.R.A. formalizes the entry into the Association of the BEACH RUGBY AUSTRALIA organization, with the event “SPRING BREAK” in Queensland. “An important step in the implementation of the beach rugby expansion” comments the General Secretary of the B.R.A. Giancarlo Stocco. “It is a project of development of collaboration with international beach rugby events that aims at the territorial development of a movement that has not yet framed the base, namely that of the Clubs”.
To date, only Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal and, from this year, Spain, have a regular national beach rugby championship. E.B.R.A. is in collaboration with these realities inside and outside Europe, to develop a homogeneous movement that can express a true movement of National Representatives in the future.
The negative note is the cancellation of the Spanish leg of Barcelona. “It is a real shame and a step backwards on certain projects. E.B.R.A. asked certain conditions to stay within the Organization and for the organization of the event. We do not expect the perfection that we know to be difficult for everyone to reach, but certain relationships within and outside of E.B.R.A. must be respected. “Stage and role within E.B.R.A. suspended for 2019? “Exactly. It was decided after months of discussions and research of possible solutions. It is a postponement to September to meet again and resume talks. September will be a very important Assembly for the definition of the future roles of all in the international scenario of beach rugby “. Udine will host the General Assembly of the Ebra on 21 September. Once again, Friuli Venezia Giulia becomes the international scenario of the beach rugby movement.

5 valid reasons, serious and fun, to choose the Beach Rugby and the EBRA Series

1 – Once the regular season is over, choosing the Beach Rugby, you can continue to keep yourself in training but in a completely different context. Sun and sea will be the masters.

2 – With the EBRA Series you can travel around Europe and learn about some of the most beautiful and engaging beaches in the world.

3 – Where there are beaches, inevitably there are a lot of beautiful girls and this is an aspect that should not be underestimated if you decide to undertake this tough oval summer experience.

4 – Do we want to talk about holidays? Here, better not. Better to experience them firsthand. Then you will have to tell stories for a very long time.

5 – Each year of the EBRA Series leaves behind a series of incredible sporting emotions, victories, defeats, friendships, laughter, in fact participating is a good way to create oval stories at 360 °.

Why choose to participate in the EBRA Series?

The EBRA (European Beach Rugby Association) Series represent the most structured and famous circuit for club teams or “invitation” in Europe. In over 10 years of activity in the old continent they have been able to convey many athletes and teams from much of the world to some of the most beautiful and engaging beaches in Europe. If the beach of Lignano Sabbiadoro is where everything was born, with the passing of the years the one of Marseilles, those of Figueira and Porto in Portugal, that of the Hague in Holland, without forgetting Barcelona, ​​London and some realities that made their European appearance, but they did not know how to hold the event. Yes, because these EBRA Series gather in the field the best of 5-player Beach Rugby, but also the outline and therefore parties, promotional activities, such as institutional appearances make the events complete and demanding at 360 °. Returning to sport, let’s not forget the level that this event has acquired over the years: very high. There are teams that have become real “elites” of the discipline and guarantee an incredible show in the various races on the beach. EBRA Series beach rugby is fast, engaging and spectacular. It introduces you to some of the most beautiful cities in Europe and puts you in touch with teams and companies from all over the world. Sportively speaking, it allows you to enrich your technical background and, consequently, highlight yourself in a representative national way. What do you want more? Just click here on our website or on the one of the various tournaments around Europe of the Beach Rugby.

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